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20 African Braids Which Will Give You a Sensuous Look

 20 African Braids Which Will Give You a Sensuous Look

African Braids

African Braids style appears to be an attractive choice for smart and inexpensive sustenance hair-do. Maybe the reason that several youths gather to choose this braiding style as their preferred style alternative is due to the point that it’s simple to maintain, and it appears in excellent styles.

African braids can have multiple varieties of thickness, size, and color. The prevalence of African American Hair Braiding ways has transcended race. In different words, people other than those of African American origin also seek certain Hair Braiding styles from this.

There are several types of Hair Braiding styles to choose from. Some include Goddess Braids, Pixie Braids, Micro Braids, Pixie Pin Curls, French Inverted Braids, Candy Curls, Fishtail Braids, Bantu Knots, and Undetectable braid and Cornrow Extensions, Flat Twist, Locks, Tree braids, Invisible Braids, Senegalese Twist, Interlock Weaving, Silky Locks, African Twist, Latch Hook Weaving, Kinky Twist, Two-Strand Twist, Cobra Stitch, and Nubian Corkscrew.

Maybe the most challenging piece of braiding is getting to hold the pressure on the strands as fairly stable as feasible. Nevertheless, this only comes with training and proper time.

Few Necessary Details of African Braids:

African Braids

  • They are produced in short uniform braids that are weaved collectively with hair, rendering strength, width, height, and even coloring to twists.
  • Depending on your kind of hair and style chosen, braids take almost 5 hrs. On average, to be ready, so a lot of time is taken in this kind of styling.
  • Braids can be cleaned with hair wash and conditioner frequently, but in case your hair is too frizzy, wash it twice weekly. You can use dry shampoo instead.
  • The braids, once tied, can stay up to two to three weeks if maintained properly.
  • To protect your braids wearing a shower cap to bed. This can be a great idea. Also, you can wrap your head with a cotton scarf to avoid friction.

Popular African Braids

Cornrows are possibly one of the most prevalent types of African American Hair Braiding Styles. It is a popular style of hair grooming which demands that the hair is braided very imminently to the scalp tightly, using an underhand, higher movement to create a constant, elevated line.

These Afro braids can be created, in easy, vertical lines; or, in complex geometric or designer patterns. The appeal to this form of braiding is the simple maintenance it gives.

These Afro braids can be left in for weeks at a time just by delicately cleaning the hair applying a shower cap or hair mesh, and then periodically lubricating the scalp and hair with good hair oil. Some use the weaving technique to get the hairdo while some braid their own hair.

Here are the top 20 African Braids hairstyles that look absolutely like a diva. So let’s get started with the style. Also, check out how to do African Braids.

1. Narrow Cornrow With Exotic Beads

This hairstyle has a very exotic look to it. The hairstyle comprises extremely narrow cornrows. The advantage of such cornrows is that the style of the hair remains spaced out.

The front portion of this beautiful hairstyle is adorned with beautiful white beads that add that exotic and oriental charm to the look. To start with the style you will have first to gel your hair and detangle it.

This cornrow has a shaded bottom that adds to the style quotient of this hairstyle. The hairstyle suits a slim face and also on younger women. In the style, hair is pulled backward.

African Braids

2. Side-Swept Braided Manor

This hairstyle has quite a voluminous approach. Such that the side will look thick. Here one side is in focus. The hair is first gel smoothened and thereafter micro braiding technique is followed to braid the hair to numerous thin strands.

After all the braiding is done consider the braids as just the strands of the hair. Now take a bunch of these braids and place them in a patterned way in a swiping manner and clip it to that side.

The other side will have criss-cross braids and the braids will be taken in front. Pair this volume boosted hairstyle with a dark lipstick shade like red to rock the look.

African Braids

3. Center African Twist Braid Hairstyle

There is some hairstyle that has a beyond the normal appeal. This hairstyle is one such look. The African twists braid has an over-the-top appeal. Also, this hairstyle caters to the crown area of the head.

The side of the hair is first braided in the cornrow fashion. Thereafter the loose ends are tied as well. The center part should be braided the last. Each braid at the center is overlapped over the other to give a much-heightened look.

It somewhat resembles the Mohawk style but doesn’t entirely copy the style. Being one of the very popular African American styles, this one in the list is a must-try on for it looks not only smart but helps one to portray their bold side as well.

African Braids

4. Bob Cut Braid Hairstyle

This style suits women who like it keeping short. The hair here is of the length of the bob haircut, and the complete look has a very adorable and cute yet sensuous edge. The vibe of the look is playful. With this style, the braids done are in balance as they are neither too thick nor too small.

Also, the style has the incorporation of the hair color that comes in between the braids beautifully. Overall the style is indeed very pretty and is perfect for a quick vacation or even as daily wear.

African Braids

5. Mix Bag Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a mixed bag, as the name suggests. The reason for this is that the braids have all types of lengths and braids. Some braids are tied in a narrow way while some are broad. Thus when the styling is done there is a mixture of all.

This way the hairstyle looks pretty and varied. The hairstyle has a top knot kind of vibe. The braids at the top though are broader. The hairstyle adds volume and height to the entire look. Style up the look with big silver hoops that look really great.

African Braids

6. The Fountain Braid African Braid Style

The hairstyle is pretty dense. This hairstyle suits oval-faced women. In this hairstyle, the braids are done without keeping any gap as such. There can be a number of braids but in this style, the braids should be of the same length. Such that there is a certain uniformity in this kind of hairstyling.

So when you finally gather up all the braid after the knot, it comes to the same length at the backside. Such hairstyles are protective and can be kept for days without much maintenance. Also, the front scalp area has cornrow styling with much space.

African Braids

7. Pixie Pin Curl Braid

Well, to all the women out there who think that the variety of styling options for short hair is minimum, to them, it’s a clear call. This Pixie pin curl braid is something that is indeed super cute. Also, the braids are short and this is one primary reason why the hairstyle is very easy to style.

The braid is kept at equal length and takes the shape of the hair cut. The cut is stylish as in the front, it is slightly longer than the back portion. You can tie one thread of a monochrome color like white to tie it around one braid to give it a quirky look.

African Braids

8. Cornrow Extension Braid

This hairstyle is a very common African American braid hairstyle. The hairstyle is simple and elegant and has its own charm. The braids are not that thick neither too flat nor narrowed down. They have a subtle uniformity about the style and that adds to the effect that the style creates.

Also, this hairstyle suits a face that is quite long. The front portion is not that worked on. Here the middle portion of the backside is the part where the style is mainly done. The hair braids are collected to clutch up. The style is a pretty easy one.

African Braids

9. Golden Shaded Bantu Knot Hairstyle

This hairdo is stylish and for women who indeed love to explore. For being a fashionable individual, one has to take the risk to explore out of the comfort zone and check out various kinds of styles.

Such styles frequently give looks that are definitely out of the box and have a very smart appeal. One such quirky number s this. The color of the hairstyle adds up to the look of the hairstyle.

African Braids

10. Patterned African Braid Hairstyle

One of the foremost perks with such braids is that a lot of variations can be incorporated into the patterns of the braid. The braiding style is done such that the front scalp area incorporates a unique pattern-like structure.

Also, the braids can be adorned with beautiful braids. The hairstyle has a somewhat royal undertone to it and the focus areas are definitely the scalp portion. This Patterned African braid hairstyle is also definitely a try-on.

African Braids

11. Corkscrew Hair Curl Braids

With its own aura of a gracious appeal, this hairstyle will definitely be a good bid. Also, this style is something that will help you achieve quite a height. The style has a fluffy appeal. The front lock has a very sensual style adding to the entire look.

Overall this style will take some amount of time but then at the end of it all, it is so totally worth it. The hairstyle looks great for fashion styles or for models who are ready to walk the ramp. This is not an everyday look and will go great with styles, especially for events and parties.

African Braids

12. Weaved Braids With Beads

The quintessential afro braid has a slightly rustic feel to it. The patterns are intricate and depend upon the individual wearing the style. Also, such styles give a very pretty effect to the overall hairdo.

To make this style, start braiding on either side of the center alignment. The lower ends of the braids can be toed with braid beads. This look can be created while you or on a vacation. The style is a protective one will stay throughout like that.

African Braids

13. Micro Braided Bun On Top

This hairstyle is very smart. It has a very broad tone. More so because of the big fat top bun. The hairstyle has a playful note to it. Styles like these are casual and have quite an impact on the individual wearing them. Here though, more than the style, the USP of the hair is the color shade.

The shade of the hairstyle is a rich mixture of blonde and brown. Tones like these have a complexion-boosting effect. You can pair up the look with trinkets and dainty jewelry as the hairstyle will be taking more of the attention.

African Braids

14. Two Braids From A Singular Joint

This is something very different, and maybe that is why it is listed here. So long, the styles mentioned in this list were about singular braids. This has been a beautiful variation.

Also, in this style, the braids are done by taking the joints in keeping quiet space in between. This kind of hairstyle along with a pair of glasses and sun-kissed skin. What else can you ask for! Glamour can be your house name!

African Braids

15. Alternate Cornrow Back Bun Braid Hairstyle

The pattern of this hairstyle is indeed different. One braid is thought of while the very next, which is weave so close to the scalp is extremely thin. Thus the joint design of the braid makes a great style. The back portion of this hairstyle has a braided bu.

You can wear the style to work and rock your performance with a clean look. You can either pair small stud earrings with such style or else you can also do away with the ornaments. This is a very simple yet elegant style that makes a look pretty attractive.

African Braids

16. Afro Fat Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is good for women who have a round face. The fat braid makes the look very intense and bold. Gather up the hair in section. Start to twist and braid the hair with the individual strands being broad. The fat braid is quite a famous afro braid hairstyle.

With this hairstyle, one can let go of decking up with accessories. The hairstyle itself can be a great accessory. Also, braids like these are very easy to maintain. This braiding hairstyle will take better shape in hair that is either long or at least of medium length.

African Braids

17. Fat Braid With Loose End Hairstyle

Well, in This hairstyle, the best part is its unkempt look. Though it attains the perfectly tied braiding yet, it has a subtle tone of a bohemian appeal. The casual look of this style is what makes the style really commendable.

If you are sleeping with this braid, then you can omit taking scarves or shower caps. That can really add up to the messy appeal of the style. Pair the lookup with a baggy t-shirt and a pair of rugged jeans. The look is indeed ultra-cool.

     African Braids

18. The Bob Cut Afro Braid Hairstyle

The coffee color hair shade adds to the sensuous appeal of this hairstyle. The braids follow the cut of this hairstyle. The style is short and really easy. Also, because the haircut is short, there will not be much time taken to style up.

This coffee-shaded Bob haircut is indeed a very trendy hairstyle. So all the stylish girls there do gear up to address for a new glamorous style. You can put up the style for an everyday look. Being quite a versatile style this one in the list is a must-try if you have short hair.

African Braids

19. Oriental Afro Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is something extremely ornamental. This is not an everyday hairstyle. It is something very ornamental and looks very royal.

Tracing the path of the quintessential bohemian braiding styles, this hairstyle has quite an old-world charm. The patterns are intricate and detailed attention will be noticed that there is a definite rhythm in this kind of pattern.

The front braids depict a very tight and compact structure while the middle section and the back incorporate the curly weaves that make the hairstyle indeed very balanced and a sheer piece of art. The colorful beads add up to the decked-up appeal of the hairstyle.

African Braids

20. Shortcut Afro Braid Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the braids are tied pretty close-knit. The hair is first detangled with some gel or detangling serum. After the detangling and smoothening side, partition your hair. As the hair is already short, it will be a lot easier to tie up the hair.

This is because afro braids are a very time-consuming affair. Also, in this style, the sections of hair taken are kept in close precision to one another so that the appeal is quite full and dense.

African Braids

Also, the hairstyle incorporates hair ornaments. You can include very pretty golden beads on the end of one braid. It will surely be an interesting addition to the hairstyle.