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Swimsuit | how to choose your swimsuit

              how to choose your swimsuit


Hello! I find you today with a slightly more technical article to help you choose your swimsuits according to your body type. First of all, I want to make it clear that this article is by no means a way of dictating what to do and what not to do. Everyone is free to wear whatever they want as long as they feel good about it!

The best thing to do to appropriate the advice in this article before choosing a swimsuit is to ask yourself which parts you want to highlight or on the contrary erase in your silhouette


For clothes, as with swimsuits, it's all about the illusion of optics and proportions. We often tend to focus on the parts of our body that bother us by trying at all costs to camouflage them when we should instead focus on highlighting our strengths!

This makes it possible to draw the eye to the parts that we love and that we assume the most, and therefore to forget the rest (a bit like the theory of the glass half full rather than half empty. ). But above all, it allows you to stay positive, and god knows that this last point is very important to keep morale up !!!

The goal is therefore to draw the eye to the parts that we want to highlight (our strengths) and on the contrary to look away from the parts that we rather want to forget (generally areas that make us complex) … You follow me?

Be aware, however, that there are exceptions! When I tell you that you should avoid certain shapes of parts, that does not mean that you should ban all of them, it can sometimes happen that for detail, a cut may still be suitable.

So if you have a crush on an item of clothing or a swimsuit that is not necessarily “made” for your body type, do not be frustrated and indulge yourself! Don't ruin your life, these tips are just here to guide you and aren't meant to be taken literally. Especially since there are often exceptions depending on the cuts, materials, patterns ...

For example, a high-waisted panty style with inward cutouts will tend to slim, while a solid style will tend to widen the hips.

We can also compensate for a shape with a print: for example, if the shape we like tends to thin when we need to bring volume to this part, we will try to find a patterned model. in order to bring back the volume and rebalance (hope this is clear?).


Depending on the desired effect, we will not use the same shapes, colors, or materials. It is therefore important to know the actions of the latter on the morphology:


Anything that reflects light, as well as voluminous cuts and shapes, will have a “magnifying” effect:

  • light colors in general: white, pastels ...
  • rather imposing/colorful prints: tropical prints, polka dot patterns, stripes ...
  • shiny materials: sequins, sequins ...
  • thick materials: crochet, macrame ...
  • voluminous cuts: ruffles, frills, fringes ...
  • details that catch the eye such as knots, ties, zippers, lacings ...
  • horizontal lines: Bardot necklines, shorties, stripes ...
  • imposing pieces such as high waisted panties or crop tops/bras


Anything that, on the contrary, will absorb light and therefore not attract the eye:

  • Dark colors: black, navy blue ...
  • Matt materials
  • Matt and good quality Lycras (with good hold) which will have a sheathing effect
  •  high-cut panties will tend to slender the leg and therefore the silhouette
  • Diagonal lines: asymmetrical or one shoulder tops
  • V or X yokes
  • Simple, smooth pieces without details (for example basic black panties)



Here is a short guide to the shapes/cuts/materials/colors to favor and avoid according to its different physical criteria:


YES: full cup bras, underwired tops or one-piece to properly support the bust, balconette shapes.

You have to bet everything on support: a well-rounded chest will be prettier. Depending on the shape of the top, you can opt for a shell model that will round the chest.

If you want a headband, choose it with an underwire and well adjusted in the back (it should not be too tight but it should not be too loose: if it happens to you under the armpits it is sure that it is too wide and that you did not take the right size).

If you like triangle shapes, choose a model with a wide band on the underside.

NO: bras with little support such as flexible bands without underwire, triangles with thin bands that will not really highlight your breasts. In addition, the tie to tie around the neck may hurt you because you will tend to tighten it too much to compensate for the lack of support.

We avoid tops with volume such as ruffles, frills, fringes, too showy/colorful patterns. Shiny materials (sequins, sequins, metallic) are left aside, as well as all thick crochet and macrame-style materials. Do not close your neckline with a halter top, it amplifies the effect of volume.


Contrary to what you might think, there is a lot you can afford. If you assume your small chest, go for it and put on what makes you want !!

If, on the contrary, you have some complexes, no worries, these tips should help you.

YES: Choose tops that add volume such as tops with ruffles, fringes, frills, thick crochet / macrame-style materials. Also note that shiny materials (sequins, sequins, metallics) as well as light colors reflect light and tend to give an impression of volume.

One-piece tops or swimsuits with an ultra low-cut neckline will suit you perfectly without appearing vulgar, take advantage of them !!! You can afford the triangle shapes, the small push-up balconies. Finally, the shell bands will bring a little curve to your petite chest.

NO: If you have complexes about your chest, avoid flexible bandeau tops, which will tend to crush it, as well as triangles without foam.


YES: it is absolutely necessary to bet on the maintenance. We, therefore, favor balconette-style bras with straps (the ideal is to find one with a foam located under the bust that will plump the top of the breast).

NO: headbands without the support will accentuate the falling effect.


YES: to try to give an impression of volume on the buttocks, we put on patterned panties with imposing / showy prints, light colors, shiny materials ...

You can also opt for panties with details with ruffles, gathers, frills, knots ...

NO: too tight panties and high-waisted panties. We also avoid the one-piece swimsuits with the back not very indented, which will not allow distinguishing the fall of the kidneys.

Also, avoid matte materials and too dark colors.


Most girls would love to have a rounded butt, but if you don't want to show off your booty and instead try to keep it down a bit, here are some tips.

YES: bet on solid color swimsuits, without volume. We favor matte materials and simple panty shapes!

NO: we avoid the opposite, that is to say, light colors, large prints, shiny materials, details on the panties with volume (ruffles, gathers, knots ...).


YES: we opt for panties with the crotchless crotch in order to lighten this part a little. We take ultra basic panties, without details in a matte and rather dark material. This also applies to one-piece swimsuits, which you can choose to cut into the panties.

NO: the mistake to avoid is to try to hide under a shorty, the band will tend to widen more and create the opposite effect. We also avoid anything that creates volume: panties with knots on the side, ruffles, frills, shiny materials.

The color level we do not choose light or bright colors or imposing or colorful patterns.


YES: we will try to add volume by cheating a bit with the shapes. The panties with ties to tie on the side are perfect, as well as the ruffled panties, with frills.

Instead, we wear stockings in light or bright colors that will reflect the light, with patterns or rather shiny/thick materials. The shorties will also give a wider effect to your hips.

NO: high-cut panties without volume, matte materials, and dark colors should be avoided.


YES: the diagonals break up the volumes, so you can opt for an asymmetrical bikini top, a wrap top, or a one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline with straps that fasten in the neck. Do not hesitate to put on push-ups if you have a small chest so that you can look away from the shoulders.

NO: volumes should be avoided: ruffles, details on the top, and the straps ...
Halter-style tops, crop tops or bras are also to be avoided.


YES: you have to structure your stature. We are therefore turning to swimsuits with horizontal lines like headbands, square necklines. Swimsuits with details on the straps like frills or bows are perfect for you.

NO: we avoid the ties to be tied in the neck and the one-shoulder top (we saw above that the diagonal lines break the volumes, all that we do not want here).


YES: we pay attention to the material of our swimsuits: we choose good quality lycra that is held in order to provide the curve. We try to refine the silhouette with black swimsuits, swimsuits with V or X inserts, or even one-piece swimsuits with topstitching on the belly or contrasting lines with the sides darker than the belly.

You can also opt for a one-piece swimsuit with panties close to the body and a high neckline which will provide a shaping effect. You can also choose a high waist panty as long as it does not have an elastic that creates a crease. Or we choose a simple bottom without volume that does not tighten the waist too much. Once again, we chose a matte material and a solid color!

NO: avoid elastics which will tend to create false beads. Also, watch out for high-waisted panties that cut the stomach in half. Strappy or cutout swimsuits should also be avoided. We also do not wear large prints that would tend to add volume.


YES: turn to high-waisted panties with a low-cut crotch to straighten your legs and lengthen your figure.

NO: low waist panties, shorties.


YES: if you ever want to break your leg length a bit, opt for low-waisted panties, or shorties that “eat up” part of the leg.

NO: High-cut panties tend to slender the figure, so if you don't want to accentuate this effect, avoid wearing them.


YES: we put on a bikini bottom at the notched crotch which will tend to slender the silhouette.

NO: we avoid pieces that are too heavy such as shorties for example.


YES: we try to give volume with patterns, shiny or thick materials, horizontal stripes, frilly or ruffled swimsuits.

NO: avoid wearing a black, plain, and matte swimsuit.


YES: choose tops that will free the shoulders and thus straighten the arm (straps that attach to the neck for example).

NO: avoid top shapes that will cut the arm, such as halter tops, bras, or off-the-shoulder swimsuits with the Bardot neckline.


Now let's get down to business by going into a little more detail.

To determine your body type, stand in front of a mirror (preferably in lingerie or tight clothes) and look at the alignment of your shoulders/hips/waist.

Know that these morphologies are guidelines and that everyone does not necessarily fit into boxes (fortunately!), So you may be between two morphologies. This is my case, for example, I am an H morphology (the predominant morphology) with an X tendency.

So don't stress yourself with that, let's say that the most important thing is to find out if you have a more developed part than the other (the top, the bottom, or both) and the size marked or not.

If you hesitate between two morphologies it is sure that you belong to both morphotypes, try to see which one predominates and draw inspiration from the other for the "finishes".

I also want to clarify that everything is a question of proportion and not of clothing sizes!



You have the hips and shoulders aligned with the marked waist, all with a fairly structured/angular silhouette:

You can wear all the swimsuits that make you happy since everything (or almost) fits you!


You have aligned hips and shoulders, a marked waist, all with a rather rounded/plump figure (usually with a generous chest and buttocks):


All in all a lot of models will suit you, but it is better to choose swimsuits with details both at the top and at the bottom so as not to unbalance the silhouette (for example, do not put on an ultra voluminous top in a light color with very simple and dark panties).

What suits you: underwired models, with balconies, to have good support and highlight your chest. Triangle tops with a wide band under the bust also look great on you. High-cut bikini bottoms (it also works for some pieces) will tend to lengthen the silhouette. Crossover swimsuits that will highlight your waist.

To avoid: you have to be careful not to undo its proportions by putting a top that is a little too bulky at the top for example. You should also pay attention to overly conspicuous patterns, to prints such as stripes or polka dots which would tend to weigh down the silhouette. Also, avoid headbands without underwire which would crush the chest too much and do not enhance it.


Your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment, but you do not have the marked waist.


What suits you: choose two-piece swimsuits with volumes to try to rebalance the silhouette: increasing the volume of the hips and upper body will give an impression of a more pronounced waist. You can afford very low-cut swimsuits, as well as swimsuits that highlight the chest. The swimsuits with V-shaped panels that come towards the belly will be perfect for you as well as the panties to be tied on the sides.

Avoid: avoid things that flatten shapes such as headbands without volumes, shorties, horizontal stripes. Also, watch out for panties that are too indented on the hips and high-waisted panties which will highlight the fact that your waist is not marked.


Your lower body is more developed than your upper body: your hips are wider than your shoulders, generally with a small bust and a marked waist.


What suits you: put the emphasis on the top in order to rebalance your silhouette: we put on bikini tops that highlight the chest such as push-ups, balconette bras with underwire, tops ruffled, frilly, Bardot-necked tops, bralette jerseys, crop tops, or halter tops. You can wear patterns, bright or light colors but only on the top!

When it comes to one-piece swimsuits, don't hesitate to choose a low-cut model that generally brings a shaping effect to the bottom.

For the panties, choose high-cut panties, rather a low waist, sober without details, solid dark color, and with a matte finish. Don't hesitate to mismatch the top and bottom with, for example, a patterned top and black panties.

To avoid: avoid anything that is shorty, high waist panties, panties with details, or that create volume (ruffles, bows on the sides, etc.). Then we ignore everything that catches the eye on the bottom: patterns, bright colors, details, shiny materials, etc. Horizontal stripes at the bottom should also be avoided, as should bandeau tops which tend to crush the chest.


Your upper body is more developed than your lower body: your shoulders are wider than your hips, which are generally narrow with a low waist.
What suits you: to break the volume of your build, opt for tops with diagonal lines, such as asymmetrical one-piece tops and swimsuits or even wrap-over tops. Also, prefer ultra low-cut tops whose V will minimize the volume of your shoulders.


To rebalance the silhouette, we try to give volume on the hips: we, therefore, opt for colored panties, with patterns or details with ruffles, frills, cutouts, knots on the side. Don't hesitate to mismatch the top and bottom with, for example, a black top and patterned panties. Shorties, yoke panties, and high-waisted panties also look great on you.

If you have a small chest, don't hesitate to put on a push-up to look away from the shoulders. Wide straps also help to minimize the build
To avoid: do not put room with volume or details on the upper body. Also avoid chunky pieces that will tend to draw attention to the top such as crop tops, bras, or halter tops. Finally, be aware that low waists slim the hips, so avoid wearing them.


You are luscious, with pretty curves all over the place.


What suits you: we try not to hide its curves but rather to shape them. To do this, you must choose good quality lycra, which will tend to cover the silhouette. Opt for one-piece swimsuits, swimsuits with geometric panels that come inward with X- or V-lines, or high-waisted briefs. Don't hesitate to showcase your bust by opting for underwired tops with a pretty neckline.

Avoid: do not wear large patterns. Note that the larger the pattern, the more it widens the silhouette. Horizontal stripes, polka dots, as well as overly flashy colors are also to be avoided. Watch out for low-rise panties that don't show off you.




No restrictions for you, all colors suit you!


You can wear swimsuits (plain or patterned) in contrasting, bright, and clear colors!


Avoid using flashy and overly light colors that tend to make the complexion pale. Instead, prefer swimsuits (plain or patterned) in dark colors such as blue, black, or burgundy.


Emerald and red tones will suit you wonderfully (also think about patterns in this color).

SKIN THAT Tends to redden
Avoid swimsuits in shades of red, pink, or orange so as not to bring out the red of your skin.



One last pretty important thing: watch out for your beach accessories!
They are not chosen at random, they must remain proportional to the silhouette so that there is no visual imbalance.

Some examples :

  • If you are curvy, you can opt for a large straw hat, as well as tote bags.
  • If you are tall, you should avoid very small accessories (small bags for example).
  • If you have developed hips, avoid shoulder bags that fall on the hips ...
  • If you have broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis, carrying a basket on your arm at the hips will rebalance your figure.
Hope this article has been helpful to you! Do not hesitate if you have any questions!!


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