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Make up | How to make up your eyes

               How to make up your eyes 

Make up

How to choose the ideal makeup according to the color of your iris? Blue eyes do not apply makeup the same as green eyes or brown eyes. To avoid making mistakes, find all our tips for applying makeup to your eyes according to the color of your iris.

Apply makeup according to the color of your iris and what shades?

Whatever the color of your eyes, to highlight your irises, you have to play with the complementarity of colors. On a color wheel, identify the color of your eyes and take the ones that are in front of yours.

Blue eye makeup

Make up

To properly make up blue eyes, choose colors in shades of yellow and orange. Gold, saffron, lemon, peach, taupe, brown, or mocha eye shadows are yours.

To highlight your beautiful blue eyes, avoid tone-on-tone at all costs.

Exit blues and particularly blue-green or ice blue. If blue really appeals to you, choose it dark: midnight blue, blue-purple.

 Green eye makeup

Make up

How to highlight green eyes?

With orange, red, or purple tones. Use and abuse pink, brown, copper tones, or purples, lavenders, and other plums.

As with blue eyes, avoid shades that are too close to green like blue-green.

Brown eye makeup

Make up

White card for brown eyes! Everything matches with this iris color. Green tones, yellow, orange, or red tones sublimate your eyes.

For you the water mint, persimmons, gold, saffron, copper, lemon, taupe, mocha, tose, mauve ...

The only downside, the too black smokey-eyes are not your friend. It may turn off your eyes instead of making them look better. Try to pimp it up with another color like gray or khaki.

What smoky-eye makeup to choose according to the color of your eyes?

The smoky-eyes are THE ultimate color gradient makeup. In a glittery version for special occasions or rather in an everyday life version, the smoky is a make-up essential to master.

For any smokey, the gradient starts with a lighter color stretching across the surface. This will be covered in part by a darker shadow to intensify the look. The idea is for the dark color to be near your lashes and the lighter color to brighten your eyelid.

Then, with a suitable makeup brush, the blending brush, you will lightly blend the two colors where they intersect. A nice line of eyeliner and a little mascara and you're done!

Depending on the color of the eyes, different colors are degraded for a top result.

The smoky eyes of blue eyes

Make up

If you have light eyes, it is best to avoid the ultra-dark smoky eye. Blue eyes will prefer warm colors like brown, bronze, or beige to intensify the look.

The smoky eyes of brown eyes

make up

For a beautiful smokey eye, brown eyes can choose green, black, or gold. As with everyday eye makeup, brown eyes can afford anything!

The smoky eyes of green eyes

make up

With green eyes, choose a color in shades of plum and red. Many color gradients in these tones are possible.

How to properly make up your eyes according to their shape?

Making up your eyes according to their shape is one of the least well-kept secrets of the beauty commandments. The eyes are one of the major assets of seduction. The look often says a lot about self-confidence. This is why it is important to know how to showcase them, whatever their form. Ready for a doe gaze? Discover the best methods.

 Makeup almond eyes

Almond eyes have a choice in terms of makeup. However, your eyelids deserve special attention. They sometimes lack depth, you have to play with the tones to emphasize them.

make up

You can also apply a line of eyeliner along the lash line to complete your make-up. Avoid gray or taupe which tends to narrow the eye.

Enhance droopy eyes

make up

Make-up for droopy eyes or a so-called "droopy" "look is no longer a puzzle thanks to a few practical tips. Drooping eyes can be a charming asset if you know how to show them off well.

Stars like Anne Hathaway or Britney Spears have droopy eyes and look gorgeous because they know how to make them look great. simple tips can help you harmonize your look with the makeup unstoppable.

So if you feel your eyes are pointing a bit too downward, pull out your eyeliner. Nothing like a pretty line of eyeliner to reshape the eyes and redefine the look.

With a brush or pencil, eyeliner is one of the secrets to perfect makeup on droopy eyes. Indeed, droopy eyes tend to make you look sad, the eyeliner line has the ability to boost the look by enhancing it precisely.

Also, remember to take care of the line of your eyebrows by plucking them adequately. The main point is to bet on the application of a good mascara.

Accentuate the passage of the brush on the lashes located at the end of the eye. Mascara is another plus that can make the eyes look bigger.

Makeup for round eyes

make up

Round eyes tend to look small, so you have to stretch them out with makeup.

Eyeliner is your friend! Draw a fine line at the level of the eyelashes which will go up towards the eyelids. Avoid the thick line.

Choose light tones to make up your round eyes.

Highlight close-up eyes

Making up close-up eyes requires a little care. Close-up eyes require special attention, which should also be given to the care of the eye area.

The challenge of makeup for close-up eyes is to accentuate the luminosity in order to play on the openness effect. This is what good makeup for close-up eyes relies on.

Above all, bet on the right eye shadow colors. Depending on the color of your eyes of course, while favoring soft or light shades. As well as enhancing droopy eyes, the eyeliner line is a real asset for enlarging close-set eyes.

Apply the eyeliner line according to the desired effect, glamor, natural or graphic, but always work it from the outside of the eye.

Finally, opt for a curling mascara to optimize the width of the eyes.

Sublimate sunken eyes

Knowing how to make up the sunken eyes allows you to reveal the full dimension of this type of gaze. To sublimate sunken eyes with makeup, you have to dare to intensify the look.

make up

Use eyeshadows by playing on a bass tone. Then, blend this shade over the entire look from the eyelid banana in the corner external of the eye and the brow bone. No part of the eye should be overlooked.

Have fun redesigning your eyes by opting for a fairly light eye shadow base. Opt for a line of eyeliner flush with the lashes, to accentuate the look without weighing it down.

Finally, mascara is an essential step in making up sunken eyes. If you don't know which mascara is right for you, choose a mascara that shapes and lengthens the lashes.