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Eyeliner | How to apply your eyeliner?

               How to apply your eyeliner?


Eyeliner is a makeup that we all love to wear to look beautiful. Extremely feminine, eyeliner makes a glamorous and magnetic look, but you still have to know how to apply it. Pencil, liquid or cream eyeliner, brush or felt, Cosmo gives you all the beauty tips and advice for a successful day or evening makeup.

This year, eyeliner is making its comeback. A sexy, glamorous, transcendent look, the eyeliner is your new ally for day or evening makeup. However, it is not easy to successfully apply eyeliner.

Overflows, tremors, patties, the application of eyeliner can quickly turn into a headache. To avoid cold sweats and other inconveniences, Cosmo gives you all the tips for applying your eyeliner

Apply your eyeliner, instructions for use:

To get started, sit down. It's even easier if you can rest your elbows on a flat surface. Arrange to stretch the skin of your eyelid. Either you lower your eyes and raise your head a little; either keep your head upright and raise your eyebrows.

Either way, try to keep your eye open, it will be easier to follow the curve of the eyelid and draw a straight line!


Objective: To draw a line as close as possible to the lash. To do this, start with the inner corner of the eye towards the middle. Take a break if needed, then resume towards the outer corner of the eye.

To finish, open the eye well and apply the eyeliner on the external part so that the line follows the normal curve of the eye. To correct a sad eye, you finish your line by raising it slightly upwards.

Remember to wait a few seconds before lifting the eye for optimal drying. In case of small hiccups, do not panic. Take a cotton swab, wet it, or soak it in makeup remover, stretch your eyelid and remove the excess with the cotton swab.

What line width?

We tend to say that thick lines harden the look while thin lines intensify and enlarge your eye. But it is mostly a matter of taste and face

If you are not very skilled, first draw a light line with a well-sharpened kohl pencil. Then all you have to do is go over it with your liquid or cream eyeliner.

In order, apply eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. For small eyes, we apply eyeliner to enlarge his gaze or to intensify it.

For a smoky look, apply a line of the black pencil along the lower lashes. Eyeliner is mandatory when applying false eyelashes.

We dare to use glitter or colored eyeliner for evening or party makeup.

Choosing the right eyeliner formula

Makeup brands offer you different formulas allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. Pencil, felt, or brush eyeliner, cream, or liquid eyeliner, to each its own method.

The liquid brush is the eyeliner par excellence. It allows a fine and precise line and one can count on a long-lasting hold. Only problem: its application must be mastered.

Easier to apply felt eyeliner or pen eyeliner is more popular with novices but it offers a less precise line than eyeliner with a brush.

Cream eyeliner is used with an angled brush. The latter allows a more worked and thicker line. The texture of the potted eyeliner is thicker, akin to moistened powder.

Finally, pencil eyeliner is often the most common. Easy to apply, the pencil offers a flexible line even if it is less precise.

Eye makeup: apply a felt or pen eyeliner

The felt or pen eyeliner is a good compromise between liquid eyeliner and pencil.


As flexible to apply like a pencil, it contains the same liquid as liquid eyeliner.

Novices will therefore prefer the felt eyeliner.

It has a good hold and allows some fantasies.

eye makeup: applying a cream eyeliner brush with a beveled

Used by makeup professionals, the jar eyeliner is a cream that could be likened to a moistened powder.


To apply this eyeliner, use an angled brush and apply the same method of application.

This tool allows more flexibility in movement.

However, you have to practice a little to get the hang of it.

 Eye makeup: apply an evening eyeliner

For evening make-up or party make-up, we don't hesitate to leave your usual eyeliner aside.


Dare to use gold, silver, glitter, fluorescent eyeliner ... cosmetics brands are offering more and more choices, so it's time to get started!

Eye makeup: apply eyeliner with a pencil

If you do not spend much time on your makeup or have a left hand, there is no need to persevere in applying the liquid eyeliner.

Stay a pencil addict and take the opportunity to dare some fantasies!

The pencil is an eyeliner that allows great flexibility.

For a line as fine as possible, remember to sharpen your pencil before each use.

How to wear colored eyeliner?

Blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, you probably know it, but eyeliner doesn't just go with black. To add radiance and enlarge your eyes, nothing better than a dash of colored eyeliner. How to wear it, what line to draw, what color to choose?

To warm up a gloomy winter or spice up a summer look, opt for colorful eyeliner. Discreet or very conspicuous, it comes in an infinite variety to satisfy all tastes. Navy blue, fuchsia pink, pine green, coral ... It's decided, this morning in front of the mirror, we give up black!

Colored eyeliner: what color for my eyes?

"When you wear colored eyeliner, you assume all the colors," says Allison Gradelle, makeup teacher at the Françoise Morice aesthetic school in Paris. In other words, you can indulge yourself and test all the shades you like.

However, be aware that there are "complementary colors" to the color of the eyes, which will further energize them.

Amélie Lopez, the makeup teacher at the De Luca aesthetic school in Lille, explains that the choice of eyeliner can therefore also be made according to the color of her eyes and that if you know your complementary colors, you can more easily choose the eyeliner that will highlight you the most.

  • Which eyeliner for blue eyes?

"The complementary color of blue is orange," specifies the specialist from Lille. Therefore, we can go for coppery, coral, pop orange or yellow eyeliners ”. The trick is to choose the shade that will suit your outfit and the season: copper for fall and yellow for summer.^


It is also possible to use silver eyeliner which will add a glow to blue eyes.

  • The eyeliner to choose for green eyes

"The complementary color of green is red," continues Amélie Lopez. Mahogany, rust, fuchsia pink, eggplant will therefore be the best beauty allies for green eyes.


However, non-complementary colors such as olive, pine green, and gold (for sparkle) will bring out this very rare pupil wonderfully.

  • Which eyeliner for brown eyes?

“For brown eyes, anything goes, ends Amélie Lopez. It all depends on what you want to highlight. "

For example, if you have touches of green and you want to emphasize them, go for red and its derivatives.


Amélie Lobez's little tip? Choose eye color rather than skin color. Indeed, colored eyeliner is suitable for all skin tones. Of course, for the make-up to be more visible, you will still have to adapt your choices according to your skin tone: the darker the skin, the more you have to choose a light eyeliner color and vice versa.

How to do your colored eyeliner line?

There are three possibilities when you have colored eyeliner on your hands.

Either you decide to emphasize the color line. This is THE star of your makeup of the day. In this case, draw a “classic” line, the same as you would with black eyeliner. Be careful, however, to draw a line adapted to the shape of your eyes.

Either you can't / don't assume so much color on your eyes, but you still want to ditch all-black eye makeup.

Here is the solution: first, choose dark shades such as navy blue or pine green, more discreet than yellow or pink.

Then start with a line of black eyeliner flush with the lashes.

Finally, just above, draw a thin line of colored eyeliner. This technique will reduce the intensity of the color. Ideal for working girls.

Third possibility: you have absolutely no fear of color. Then have fun making graphic eyeliner strokes. You can even layer multiple shades.

Which colored eyeliner texture to choose?

It is more or less easy to apply your eyeliner depending on its texture. Depending on your skill level in this area, you may want to buy the eyeliner that will give you the least amount of trouble.

“If you're new to it, use a pencil to line up with your lashes, then blend it in for a smoky effect,” says Allison Gravelle. This will make it easier to correct the shot if your hand ever shook.

"Conversely, if you're an expert, go with a felt tip pen or a liquid brush," continues the makeup expert. Intense and precise results guaranteed! But for that, a very good command of the technique is essential.

For those who are more adept with their own makeup brushes, there are also cream eyeliners in jar form, to be applied with an angled brush.

Allison Gradelle's little tip? To prevent eyeliner from sticking to your eyelids, apply loose powder to the eyelids and browbones before applying the product.

What makeup to adopt with colored eyeliner?

If you swap black for the color, you will automatically have to adapt your beauty look. So, how do you put on makeup when you have drawn a pink or yellow line on your eyes?

The two makeup experts are unanimous: nude lips and a light complexion. Above all, have a light hand on the bronzer and the blush!

On the other hand, it is possible to accentuate the eye makeup even more, by putting on colored mascara for example.

Allison Gradelle suggests using brightly colored eyeliner combined with mascara with more classic tones, such as navy blue. And why not, use a gold or silver pencil for the underside of the eye.