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Eyebrows | What shape of eyebrows to choose?

         What shape of eyebrows to choose?


Fundamental for the harmony of the face, the eyebrows give it its natural expression, but also allow it to be structured. But for it to sublimate you, more than it hardens your features, its shape must still be perfectly suited to you. Thick, thin, straight, curved, angular… each face has its shape of eyebrows. Find out which one is right for you.

The basic rule: the golden ratio

Before wondering which eyebrow shape best suits your face, you need to start with the basics and find out which length is right for you. For this, we will not take as a landmark the face, but your eyes and your nose. We apply the method of the golden ratio, developed by Anastasia Beverly Hills, or 2 / 3-1 / 3 - which is the most common name for this technique.


So, to determine where the head of your eyebrow should be and where it should end, just have the handle of a brush and an eyebrow pencil. Theoretically, the eyebrow begins in the middle of your nostril and ends in alignment outer corner of your nostril - the outer corner of the eye. In practice, place the handle of your brush against your nostril, the outer side should be in the middle of your nostril. With your pencil, draw a line, which will mark the beginning of your eyebrow. Then place the brush at the outer corner of the nostril and run it through the center of your iris to determine the highest point of the eyebrow. To find where the tail of your eyebrow should be, put your brush near your nostril and pass it under your eye, through the outer corner.

Each face has its own eyebrow shape

Now that you know how long your eyebrows should be to put your eyes forward, you have to look at their shape so that it highlights your gaze, just like your face. The most famous shapes of eyebrows are: thick, thin, straight, rounded, and angular.

If your face is round, then you need an eyebrow shape that will give the face an impression of length. We, therefore, avoid rounded eyebrows, which will emphasize the roundness of the face. It is best to make an angular brow line, with a rather high arch.


Is your face square? Don't pluck your eyebrow too much, as you want to keep it rather thick. To soften the tight effect an angular face can have a bit, you might want to round off the arch of your eyebrows.


People with an oval face benefit the most, as almost any style of eyebrow enhances their eyes. Ideally, they shouldn't be too curved, but they shouldn't be straight either, you have to strike a balance.


On the contrary, people with a long face should opt for straight eyebrow hair removal. This helps counterbalance the length of the face, emphasizing its width more. They should also be quite thick.


Finally, if your face is more of a triangle or heart shape, prefer rounded eyebrows. They will break up the angular side of this face shape. Be careful, however, not to place the arch of your eyebrow too high, in which case you will constantly look surprised.


What method of hair removal for my eyebrows?

There are so many ways to remove hairs that break your brow line, it's not always clear which one to turn to. Between the tweezers, hair removal with thread, wax, at home or in a salon, there is something to get lost. But, whatever the method is chosen, you must always pluck your eyebrows respecting their natural line. We are not going to create a rounded eyebrow if it is naturally straight for example.

The tweezers: If you have time on your hands and want very precise hair removal, feel free to use tweezers. It will remove the hair by one to have a well-net eyebrow. Warning, the coziest of you probably will not like this technique because the eyebrow is a rather sensitive area, particularly to the brow bone. This technique is recommended for people who already have a defined brow line.

The waxing: Again, there are different methods of hair removal: Band cold wax and hot wax. The wax is undoubtedly the fastest technique. Just apply it hot wax (be careful with the temperature not to burn yourself) gold its strip of wax on the area to be depilated and remove with a sharp blow Against the management of hair growth. Waxing is arguably the fastest technique. Just apply it hot wax (be careful with the temperature not to burn yourself) gold its strip of wax on the area to be depilated and remove with a sharp blow Against the management of hair growth. Wax strips are ideal for maintenance between two beautician appointments.

Threading: This oriental technique is increasingly present in France. It is very popular for several reasons: it is very accurate, not very painful, non-irritating to the skin, and rapid. All you need is a long wire that you bend a certain way between your fingers. Disadvantage? The technique is very very complicated to take one hand and there may be errors if you do not do it with a professional. But with practice and perseverance, you may be able to get the hang of it. And when it is done at home, Threading is one of the cheapest techniques out there, because it requires only a single wire.

Better to wax at home or in a beauty salon. That’s the million-dollar question. There is no easy answer. This will depend on whether you are or not comfortable with the eyebrow. Whether you have already defined a line or not. Whether you have the right material or not.

Waxing at home is not for everyone, it is enough that your gesture is not insured for your hair removal to fail, so you end up with an eyebrow that is too short or too thin.

If you opt for the beauty parlor box, select forward. All beauticians are created equal, some will have the skills and experience to create the eyebrow that suits your face and eyes. There is also a risk to go to someone you do not know with your plucked eyebrows. On the other hand, beauty institutes have all The Necessary and quality equipment to offer you the best experience possible. The beautician Aussi There to Give you advice. It's up to you to decide what's best for you and your brows.

How to make up the eyebrows?

Once you've found the ideal shape and method for waxing, it's time for makeup. You can wear makeup daily with products such as pencil, eyebrow gel, mascara eyebrows, or even blush, or opt for semi-permanent makeup, also called micro-blading.

Microblading can only be done in an institute. This technique is similar to a tattoo, except that it is semi-permanent. That is, after several months (about a year and a half), the tattoo eventually disappears. Contrary to popular belief, the effect - of the operation is controlled - is very natural. The practitioner will use the hair to hair technique, which means that she will not “color” the eyebrows, but redraw the hair. Microblading is ideal for people with short eyebrows or very rare. Cons: Only the price and the pain can be strong in some people.

If your eyebrows are in search of decent makeup, regular should do the trick. People with thick eyebrows and a well-defined line can just apply mascara or clear eyebrow gel.

If they are sparse, feel free to fill in the gaps with a pencil or ointment. Be sure to draw the short lines as the outbreak, to keep a natural effect. With a brush, mix the material by brushing your eyebrows up. Then fix everything with a transparent gel.

Little tip: If you have trouble applying makeup to your eyebrows, you can use stencils. They allow you to observe the shape of your eyebrow.