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Hair color | How to choose your hair color

         How to choose your hair color

Hair color

To sublimate you, the color chosen must be in harmony with the tones of your skin. Blonde, brunette, or redhead, find the ideal shade to change your head without false notes!

A lively or extreme color to enhance a fair complexion

Hair color

To look good, opt for a color bursting with light that warms your pale skin: golden hazelnut brown, coppery Venetian blonde, or flamboyant red. For a more assertive style, ash-blonde whose silver blurs the redness of the complexion or ultra-light platinum creates a beautiful harmony. If you like dark shades, then go for black-brown which creates a stark contrast to a porcelain complexion.

A warm color to enhance a golden complexion

Hair color

Your coloring should have the same warm tones as those of your skin so as not to weaken your complexion. To awaken its radiance, nothing better than a bronde or a coppery brown whose blonde or red strands enhance your complexion or a Californian blonde with golden reflections that matches your complexion. For more character, choose a chocolate brown or a flame red that goes perfectly with your skin tone.

A greedy color for a mat to dark complexion

Hair color

With a tanned complexion or mixed skin, favor a more sustained color. Cocoa, iced brown, or licorice browns highlight your skin tone and soften your features to perfection. Want to be blonde? Go for a caramel shade that won't swear with your matte complexion. On the red side, bet on auburn, mahogany, or burgundy wicks to illuminate your base.