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Contouring | The keys to successful contouring

                The keys to successful contouring


To become a master in the art of redrawing the contours of your face with makeup, it's not rocket science. Just follow the few golden rules of contouring.

It is the most popular makeup technique among the stars. By playing on the dark-light optical effects, contouring allows you to sculpt the face to refine it and give it more character. We give you all the steps to follow to master the technique.

Draw the cheekbones


No matter the shape of our face, contouring consists of redrawing the contours to enhance ourselves. The best technology for this is to follow a line from the top of the ear to the outer corner of the lips. The trick: insist and make the color more intense on the upper part of the face, fading towards the mouth.

Sculpt the face


The main mistake we make is to confuse contouring with blush. You blushed when you want to give yourself a boost, color your cheeks lightly. On the other hand, contouring sculpts and structures our faces.

Choose the right color

Better to avoid colors that are too dull, too brown, or have a gray undertone. Warm, bold hues, like taupe, are generally more flattering. We, therefore, favor powders that leave a golden finish like honey or compact powders up to two shades darker than the skin. For a very pale complexion, opt for a warm taupe pink.


Powders are generally easier to handle than creams for those new to contouring. We opt for satin or matte textures and we invest in special contouring for the application. It will be perfect if it is the same width as our cheekbones, to emphasize the area just below the bone. Then, we make small circular movements to blend the color with the skin in an aerial effect.

Note: we stay in a small area to create a realistic shadow.

Bring light

When you feel comfortable contouring the cheekbones, you can sweep the color up to the temples and around the hairline to create a luminous halo. To shape the chin, you can even brush the powder under the jawline, taking care to remove the excess product. It's about adding a shadow, not a beard.

Refine the nose


The nose is an interesting area for contouring. If done right, it can change the entire structure of the face. So you have to choose the right color. The rule of thumb is to keep a perfectly parallel shadow on either side of the nose. With a small tapered brush, apply a minimum dose of product starting at the beginning of the eyebrow and sweeping down on both sides of the nose and just below the tip. As a reminder: a tiny dose of the product is enough.