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Nails | What nail shape is right for me

           What nail shape is right for me



Rather square, round, rounded, or almond-shaped? To have beautiful nails and a perfect manicure, it is imperative that you determine which nail shape will suit you best depending on the shape of your fingers and the nature of your nails.

Enhance your natural nails

Before you grab your nail file and polisher to change your natural nail shape, you need to take care of your hands, for long-lasting, healthy, and strong nails.

Here are the bad reflexes to absolutely ban, and the good habits to adopt:

Stop biting your nails! This mania weakens your nails and deforms them in the long term.

Apply cuticle cream or oil regularly, to moisturize the small skin around your nail, and to nourish it.

Let your nail "breathe" between two applications of varnish, gel capsule, or acrylic. Just as it is essential to apply a protective base before applying varnish, it is also important to leave your natural nail in the air from time to time.

Ban nail clippers from your hand beauty routine! It weakens your nail. Prefer the use of a nail file if you want to shorten your nail.

Round nails


Round nails are great for short nails, which have a hard time growing, but also nails that don't have parallel edges. In addition, it is a shape that guarantees to avoid brittle nails as much as possible. This will make your manicure easier to maintain.

However, round fingernails are to be avoided if you have small fingers, as it may make your hands appear even smaller than they actually are.

Oval nails


If you grow your nails short and round, you will end up with oval nails which will allow you to refine your hands. Again, they don't require a lot of maintenance and look very stylish.

Square nails


To wear square nails it is essential that the edges of your nail are parallel, so your nail care will be of slightly increased importance. Indeed, you will have to file your natural nails regularly so that their edges always remain straight. In the case of a French manicure, for example, an angle that becomes slightly rounded due to the growth of your nails will be noticed very quickly.

Square nails are not recommended because, on long nails, this shape involves a lot of risk of breakage. It is, therefore, necessary to opt for this form only if your nails are very solid naturally, or if you apply to strengthen care.

To get this very fashionable nail shape, you need to file them straight on the sides and also on the front of the nail.

Square-rounded nails


If you want to keep the length of your nails despite their fragility, this shape is recommended. Indeed, you are less likely to break them than with square nails, while highlighting your nail length. The square-rounded will highlight your hands, regardless of the length of your fingers.

You will have to file your nail in a square then iron in a rounded shape on the edges of your nails.

Almond nails


Almond nails are worn on long to very long nails, they are perfect for highlighting a precise manicure or worked nail art. It is a manicure that will highlight hands with thin fingers; and which does not generally damage your nails by weakening them since it is especially carried out on false nails in gel or acrylic resin.