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Mole | Semi-permanent Mole

              Semi-permanent Mole 

Grain de beauté semi permanent

Want to rock the Marilyn Monroe look, or have the desirable Cindy Crawford smile? Let yourself be tempted by the false mole! The derma pigmentation session of the skin by demography is a fast and effective technique to present a hyper-realistic mole. A simple small mole that highlights certain parts of the face, and has many meanings depending on the location of the said mole.


Grain de beauté semi permanent

To sublimate an expression, a dimple, or draw the eye to almond-shaped eyes or a luscious mouth, the false mole is the detail that makes all the difference.

Pretty artifice when it seems 100% natural, we make all sizes and shapes of moles on any part of the body for you, according to your desires!

Our specialists explain the meanings of each mole and work with you to determine the best place to enhance your natural charm.

Ex: the mole on the temple (majestic), at the corner of the eye (passionate), in the middle of the cheek (gallant), on the nose (cheeky), the fly (greedy), etc.


The technique of creating a mole by demography is strictly prohibited for more than one person. Pregnant women cannot have false moles, like people with diabetes, hemophiliacs, but also men and women taking anticoagulant therapy. Finally, aesthetic medicine interventions are strictly prohibited for people suffering from an autoimmune or progressive disease. It will also be necessary to postpone the session in case herpes presents on the day of the operation. It is important not to consume alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.

If you are under medical treatment, ask your cosmetic doctor for advice to establish whether the treatment has a contraindication with the intervention of creating a false mole.

It can take up to 15 days for the skin to heal completely. Patience, only two weeks to wait before you can sport your new look! During this healing period, it is important to follow these precautions:

Avoid any source of heat, humidity, and irritation: sun, UV rays, swimming pool, hammam, sauna, exfoliation, peeling, as well as any cosmetics, dyeing, discoloration.

The usual possible consequences are redness, swelling, bruising, bruising, skin tenderness, and itching may appear on and around the treated area. These drawbacks are temporary for a few days, in particular for the lips and the eyes, and disappear spontaneously.


The color of the pigment tends to be darker in the weeks following the session and gradually fades to the final color. Semi-permanent mole makeup is a temporary fantasy that lasts between 1 and 4 years.