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Lipstick | Which lipstick should I choose for my skin color?

 Which lipstick should I choose for my skin color?


A burgundy lipstick, a cherry red, Fuschia gold was nude? To sublimate your smile without false notes, it is better to match the color of your lipstick to that of your skin. Our guide to choosing the right shades.

While the iconic red lipstick seems capable of enhancing any smile, some colors combine better than others with different skin tones. Indeed, if you have milky skin, you will not wear the same lipstick colors as mixed or black skin.

Also, to brighten your complexion with a simple stick of lipstick, it is better to target the right shade.

Porcelain complexion or very pale: mat pinks and reds


If you have a porcelain, pale, or slightly golden complexion, you can bet on a natural mouth by simply applying a shiny gloss. Discreet shades remain our best allies, so we choose pink, orange, or copper lipsticks, but we stay light. If you want more sustained lip makeup, you can dare a beautiful carmine red, preferably matte.

How to make up your lips when you have fair skin?

Whether you are a redhead with a milky complexion or a brunette with fair skin, a priori, all red tones will suit us. To wake up our complexion, we choose orange or poppy lipstick. To favor a touch of elegance, we prefer a darker red, which draws Towards burgundy.


In pink tones, you can afford to wear lipsticks ranging from pale pink to Fuschia pink, including candy pink and raspberry. But we are still careful to avoid materials that are too glossy and nude shades that are too pale, such as beige-brown, which can give a bad look.

Which lipstick for golden to dark skin?

If you're lucky enough to have a so-called "warm" complexion all year round, you can definitely turn to sun-kissed lipsticks. We choose very bright fire red, coral, Fuschia, and we focus on flashy shades, avoiding wearing too dark colors.


We also prefer a transparent or shiny finish on our lips since matte materials may harden our features. We can also be tempted by brown or golden lipsticks, honey, or peach-colored nudes for the more tanned. To avoid candy pinks and purple, which do not really flatter this type of skin tone.

Métis to black skin: we dare the pop colors

If you have mixed skin, you can opt for all shades of red, preferably in matte materials, in order to flatter the caramel color of your skin. If, on the other hand, you have black skin, pop and flashy colors are particularly suitable.


For the more discreet, it is also possible to highlight the mouth with a transparent gloss or pink or even apricot iridescent lipsticks, for a touch of shine. On a daily basis, you can wear the mouth nude or bet on brown, plum, or blood-red lipsticks. Burgundy or purple lipsticks can also be slipped into her makeup bag. Avoid pastel lipsticks, which tend to make the complexion gray.