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Lenses | What color lenses would suit you best

       What color lenses would suit you best


Now, colored contact lenses are more popular than ever whether in Asia, Europe, or America. It has not escaped anyone's notice that they physically benefit anyone. All women choose their makeup, foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, and blush according to their skin texture, skin tone, and hair color to reveal their eyes, to make them look stand out, and then also so that the whole is as natural as possible and highlights the face. It's the exact same thing with contact lenses. Today, brands like Vassen, Geo, Dueba, Neovision, Dream, or Mimibytoni, whose entire range is available on our online store, offer you an infinite color palette. Among them, really subtle shades in blue, green, brown, black, or hazelnut tones. And also, why not, for a supernatural effect, you can have yellow, purple, pink, orange, red, or white… Everyone can therefore satisfy all their desires, even the most eccentric, very easily.

What colored lenses for white skin and blonde hair:


Obviously, all tones of contact lenses can go. However, to have sharper, more expressive, and naturally attractive eyes, light blue colored lenses will be perfect. Especially since for the collective unconscious, the whole corresponds to the image of the perfect femme fatale. The lenses of a very light green color, but also light gray, are also very rewarding for fair complexions and fair hair. They offer great depth to the eye. However, for a more sophisticated, whimsical, or eccentric look, you can opt for lenses in magical and extraordinary colors. For example, purple or pink-colored lenses will look beautiful on women with white skin and blonde hair.

What colored lenses for fair skin and red or auburn hair:


There is no doubt that the best color for contact lenses is green. The contrast of colors between the eyes and the hair will be electrifying. No one will be able to forget such a singular and sensational face. You should know that green eyes are the rarest on earth, and according to a study, they are the ones that bring the most charm to a look. They are therefore a very important seductive asset, for both women and men. But, if you don't like this color, you can opt for a light blue, an aquamarine blue, or why not, a turquoise blue.

Which colored lenses for tanned skin and brown hair:


You can choose to use very contrasting contact lens colors like green or blue which will make your eyes stand out, this will have the effect of having an atypical look and perhaps sometimes also extraordinary. Or, give yourself a magnificent, deep, piercing, and sexy gaze by wearing hazelnut, toffee, honey, or hazel-colored contact lenses.

What colored lenses for dark skin and black hair:


Just like with other skin or hair colors, you can allow yourself any shade of contact lenses. However, for a more natural look and a classic style, you can choose dark brown colored lenses. In order to seduce your partner, opt instead for lighter tones such as hazelnuts, honey, or hazels. Thus, your eyes will stand out beautifully from the rest of your face and create a bewitching and bewitching combination that will be remembered. And then, a little advice, to catch all eyes, opt for Korean contact lenses also called circle lenses. They have the effect of artificially increasing the size of your iris. Thus, they will give the impression that you have huge eyes. They will become, in this case, mesmerizing and will profoundly change your look as well as your face.