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Extensions hair | Dare to use extensions!

                 Dare to use Extensions!

Extensions hair

Tired of waiting for your hair to grow? Do you want to change your head and display the hair of your dreams? Do you want to add a touch of fantasy to your hairstyle? It's possible! Thanks to hair extensions and additions, you will be able to fulfill all your desires. Before taking the plunge, here are the answers to the 16 questions you are asking yourself.

Change hairstyle easily and according to his desires, many dreams of it. And hair extensions can be the right solution, for example, if you want to give your thin, long hair a little more volume and density or even give your short hair a little longer. Do you want to know a little more about the different installation techniques, the composition of hair extensions (synthetic or natural hair), and the right things to do when wearing additions? So follow the guide!

1- Hair extensions, how do they work?

Strands are added to your hair by the hairdresser, to lengthen it or provide it with thickness. The hardest part is finding extension strands that suit your hair type and color so that the result is as natural as possible and the hair retains its strength.

Extensions hair

Normally, it is keratin (a protein naturally present in the hair) that gives your hair solidity. So a single hair can support a mass of 100 grams, and the whole hair could support a weight of 12 tons if the scalp was strong enough! It is therefore logical that keratin-based glues are used for the realization of hair extensions.

2- What should I pay attention to when choosing my extensions?

Focus on product quality. For example, synthetic hair extensions cost less, but natural hair extensions last longer.

Take a color in accordance with your pigmentation.

Call in a professional for the installation.

3- What are the hair extension techniques?

There are several different extension techniques: hot extensions, clip-in extensions, and cold extensions.

  • For cold extensions, small metal rings, fixed to the base of the hair by a clamp, are used to hold the extensions. This technique makes it possible to obtain relatively resistant hair.     

          Cold extensions can also be applied using vegetable glue (called "Synthetic keratin"), invisible, and applied strand by strand of hair. These two methods make it easy to remove the extension strands from your own hair.

Extensions hair

         The latest technique among some pros, the lock is added to natural hair thanks to a tiny                           "connector" attached very close to the hairline. It is a hypoallergenic micro cylinder made of stainless alloy.

  • Hot extensions are done using hot tongs or straighteners. The keratin thus applied hardens and dries until it becomes invisible and imperceptible. The extensions are thus firmly fixed at 0.5 centimeters from the hairline.
        Extensions hair
  • Clip-on extensions come in the form of "bands". They are simply clipped to your own hair using a system of plastic clips. These are the extensions whose installation and removal are the simplest.
Extensions hair

4- How does the installation work?

No need to rush. Ideally, plan ahead to express your desires, choose the perfect color and allow the professional to determine the number of strands needed for your new hairstyle: essential for them to draw up a quote for you. The installation is done in a second step.

The exposure time can be very variable since you can have your new head in an hour ... but sometimes much longer depending on the preferred technique (cold extensions, hot extensions, clip extensions) and the number of wicks required in particular. On average, it will take three hours for you to have long hair (or at least longer than before)!

Note: Well-placed extensions are not visible. They are distributed harmoniously throughout your hair to keep the natural effect.

5- Does the pose hurt?

No, having extensions is absolutely not painful. The connectors are not in contact with your scalp.

6- How long do hair extensions last?

It depends first of all on your hair type, on the quality of hair extensions (there are some differences between synthetic hair and natural hair) that you have had your hair fitted, and how you care for them. Good hair extensions can last entre 4 and 6 months. Note that in general, basic extensions last 2 months, but that you will have to return frequently to your hairdresser: almost every month, a visit will be necessary for him to remove the small hairs which would have been caught in the keratin.

To extend the life of your additions, you can go to your hairdresser to check their good hold and replace stubborn strands.

7- How to wash my extensions?

Even though hair with extensions requires attention, you don't need to change ranges or shampoo frequencies to get great hair.

Ideally, both during shampooing and rinsing, keep your head back and wash well from root to tip (so as not to tangle the hair). Above all, use delicacy to wash the junction point between the hair and the extension.

Doing a hair mask once a week is a good idea. Use them primarily on the lengths and ends.

8- How to dry hair extensions?

  • Pre-dry them with a towel gently (to avoid knots).
  • The hairdryer must be used at a distance (approximately 10 to 15 cm) and in the "cold air" position.

9- How to brush your extensions?

Without regular brushing, your extensions will get tangled. This step is therefore essential. The trick: Use a specific brush and brush gently. If knots have formed, do not use force. Try to take them gently. (In desperation, you will have to call your hair specialist: your hairdresser).

10- Are brushing and extensions compatible?

Opinions about brushing are divided. Ask the opinion of the person who put your extensions, they will be able to inform you according to the type of bonding used.

11- Can we perm or color hair extensions?

Yes. The keratin structure of the extensions gives them the same reaction as your natural hair.

Extensions hair

12- Should I take precautions when sleeping with extensions?

Brush your hair thoroughly before going to bed and if you can braid it.

13- Are all aquatic leisure activities prohibited?

If the sea and the swimming pool are not a problem for the extensions, it is however advisable to tie them for swimming and rinse them with fresh water afterward. On the other hand, frequent use of hammams may shorten the life of your hair extensions.

14- What are the risks for my hair?

You should know that hair extension are not without risk for your hair. The concern is that the added strands may suffocate your hair, like parasites.

Less oxygenated, your hair is weakened, damaged and, when you remove the extensions, it can sometimes be a disaster.

Our advice: prefer adding a few strands to add thickness to your hairstyle (if you have thin, flat hair, for example), rather than adding strands all over your hair.