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The permanent eyeliner : the assurance of a long-lasting line

                   the assurance of a long-lasting line

The permanent eyeliner

Nothing better than a stroke of eyeliner to hem a look. Unfortunately, we are not all experts in mastering the gesture. Or motivated to apply it every morning. What if the solution is in the permanent liner?

Eye makeup removal and makeup can over time damage the thin and sensitive skin around the eye area. In addition, mastering the art of eyeliner application is not within everyone's reach. So for die-hards, permanent makeup can be a solution.

How does permanent eyeliner work?

It is a derma pigmentation carried out using a very fine needle. The eyeliner line is actually semi-permanent. On the very thin skin of the eyelids, the injection can only take place at the surface of the dermis. However, cell renewal on the skin of the face is very active.

The permanent eyeliner

In addition, this part of the body is constantly exposed to the sun. This is why the tattoo fades after two to five years. However, if you do touch-ups every two years, the makeup can last almost a lifetime.

How is the application session going?

The operation lasts an hour on average. It is not painful because a local anesthetic is applied. When leaving the beautician, the eyelid is swollen and reddened. But the redness fades after a few days. While the skin heals, it is essential to keep it perfectly clean and to clean it with an antiseptic.

During this period, we also avoid direct exposure to the sun and chlorine from the swimming pool. Finally, do not worry if the coloring seems too dark: it will fade. Indeed, the tattoo only obtains its final shade after a week or so.

Choose your form of permanent eyeliner

It is important to choose a shape of eyeliner that matches your personality. For a very natural result, it is recommended to practice ciliary densification. It is a very fine line drawn at the base of the eyelashes, which creates the impression that the latter is thicker.

Namely: the line can be achieved by small fuzzy dots. Again, the result is more natural, with only a light shadow on the eyelid. The line that protrudes beyond the eyelid is not recommended because, with age, the thin skin in this area sags. There is then a risk of ending up with a drooping gaze.

The permanent eyeliner

If you want to tattoo both the line of the lower and upper eyelids, make sure that the two lines do not meet, under penalty of rounding the eyes and always looking surprised ... Finally, it is possible to choose between black or brown ink.

A few tips before getting started

Getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo is not something you decide on lightly. We opt for a licensed professional. Some even specialize in part of the face. We inquire about the number of tattoos already performed by the beautician, and we ask to see a book of models.

Drawing eyeliner requires a manual skill that is learned with experience. Finally, we check which pigments are used: only mineral pigments are really stable, non-toxic, and do not disturb the body. And if you're still hesitating, why not start with a less drastic operation, such as applying a semi-permanent mascara?