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Tattoo | Where to get an ephemeral tattoo?

        Where to get an ephemeral tattoo?


Having drawn a design on your skin that evokes particular emotions appeals to you, but you hesitate to commit to keeping it for life. For people like you, there are temporary tattoos that fade over time. But where to do an ephemeral tattoo?

What are the differences between a temporary tattoo and a permanent tattoo?

The main difference between a non-permanent tattoo and a permanent tattoo is the duration over time. Indeed, a temporary tattoo lasts only a few months and not a lifetime as is the case with a permanent tattoo. The other distinction is in the technique used. For a permanent tattoo, the tattoo artist uses a demographic. This is a device with needles that inject ink into the skin quite deeply. For semi-permanent tattooing, the same technique is used, but the needles go less deeply into the skin, so the tattoo fades after a few years. As for the non-permanent tattoo, there are different possibilities to get one:

The stencil: cosmetic ink is applied using a stencil glued to the skin

The ink pad: it is the use a tattoo stone and a special link for the skin

Transfer or decal: the tattoo is deposited and glued to the skin with water

Henna tattoo is a tattoo done manually

The ephemeral tattoo lasts longer or shorter depending on the nature of your skin, but also the place where it is located (it lasts less in areas subject to friction).


What questions should you ask yourself before getting a non-permanent tattoo?

Even a non-permanent tattoo is worth thinking about and is a project to think about before getting started. You will have to think about the tattoo you want (a drawing, a sentence, a quote…) It is often chosen according to what you like. You will also need to think about its location. Once you have your precise idea in mind, you will have to choose your tattoo artist. Taking a professional who is well established is the assurance that he respects the law and the rules of hygiene. He will tell you about the feasibility of your project, the method he intends to use, and the price of course. Finally, you will need to ask yourself when to do it. Note that it is not recommended to get a tattoo in the summer because you should not expose your skin to the sun just before doing the tattoo, but also after.

Where to find inspiration for your tattoos?

You will naturally find tattoo ideas at a tattoo artist. But you can also come up with your tattoo idea in mind. Many websites share their catalog of tattoos. You thus have a wide range which is presented to you. You are spoiled for choice. You can start from a proposed design and add a little personal touch to it in order to have a personalized temporary tattoo. Everything is possible so let your imagination run wild!