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mouth mekeup | techniques for permanent mouth mekeup

     techniques for permanent mouth makeup 

Permanent mouth mekeup

Permanent lip makeup by derma pigmentation is defined as a painless, effective, and long-lasting procedure. Contour, gradient or fill, these techniques make it possible to sublimate the mouth while correcting any imperfections. Close-up on this cosmetic micro-pigmentation treatment available in a dermatological-aesthetic care center in Namur.

3 possible permanent makeup techniques to do without lipstick

Depending on the desired effects, permanent make-up of the lower and upper lips can be carried out using three techniques: contouring, layering, or filling.

Semi-permanent make-up of the mouth Contour of the mouth by micropigmentation

The goal of this permanent makeup is to define the edge of the mouth by slightly accentuating the edges. It makes it possible to redraw the lips more clearly and correct asymmetry. The general trend is natural, to use tones close to skin tone in order to sublimate without exaggeration.

permanent mouth mekeup

Semi-permanent lip makeup

This process involves drawing the outline while coloring the lip towards the inside of the mouth. The play on shadows and light makes it possible to create a more or less important volume effect. The palate is redefined and fuller. The gradient can also be achieved by making dots more and more spaced apart in order to give an effect of transparency, more glossy and natural.

Lip filling with bioabsorbable pigments

The "full-lips" technique allows you to color all of the lips. Full pigmentation offers a natural or more elaborate result depending on the shade chosen. The purpose of the filling is to unify, densify and illuminate the mouth. It's about replacing lipstick with permanent color.

permanent mouth mekeup

Strengths of semi-permanent lip makeup

Dermopigmentation involves injecting bioabsorbable micro pigments into the skin tissue using an extremely fine needle. Painless and non-invasive, this technique lasts 2 to 4 years and requires a touch-up one month after the operation depending on the degree of absorption of the skin. Permanent makeup applied to the lips has various significant advantages:

  • the possibility of correcting an imperfection such as an asymmetry, a spot of depigmentation, a faded lip contour,…;
  • Always flawless make-up whatever the circumstance (heat, sport, swimming pool, etc.);
  • A tailor-made aesthetic result thanks to the different effects available and the wide range of micro-pigments;
  • A pretty natural mouth without retouching and without lipstick.

Choose a good dermopigments Full permanent lip makeup

The work of the dermopigmentist cannot be improvised, it is advisable to contact a specialized dermatological-aesthetic care center and to choose a practitioner:

  • Trained in the original derma pigmentation;
  • Respecting the permanent makeup procedures validated and certified by the Belgian Dermopigmentation Association;
  • Scrupulously observing the hygiene rules inherent in the practice of derma pigmentation;
  • Using material patented and approved by the Ministry of Health.