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Microblading Eyebrows

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Microblading: what does this method make for the most beautiful eyebrows?

Not everyone has well-shaped, full-bodied brows. This is why some women opt for microblading. But what is it exactly? 

A beautiful eyebrow line is a great asset to define and beautify her eyes. In view of this great beauty trend, new aesthetic services have emerged. Among them, micro-pigmentation, also known under the term "microblading". But, concretely, what is it? Explanations with Sarah, Microblading, and PhiRemoval expert.

Microblading: what is it?

This is a technique born in Asia which is currently popular in France. Microblading is a revolution in the world of aesthetics, making it possible to draw "hairs", thanks to pigments placed under the skin, using a metallic pen and nano-needles. "Pigments are inserted as fine lines to mimic the look of real body hair. It's a very natural way to fill in thick eyebrows, but also eyebrows whose line has been damaged by excessive waxing. It is also possible to recreate a new line of eyebrows for people who have gone through diseases such as alopecia (temporary loss of hair or body hair, partial or total).


Microblading: for whom?

Possible from 16 years old (with parental consent), this technique nevertheless has some contraindications. "Microblading is not recommended for pregnant women, people with hemophilia, those with keloids, or on Roaccutane treatment. Finally, people with diabetes must bring a medical certificate. Depending on their stage of diabetes, they may or may not opt for this technique.

 Microblading: what's the difference between eyebrow tattooing?

Microblading is not to be confused with tattooing. "It is a technique that allows you to work only on the surface of the epidermis, that is to say, the layer of the skin where cells regenerate. This ensures an ephemeral result, unlike the tattoo which is permanent." she specifies. “During a microblading session, the pigment is manually implanted in the surface of the epidermis, using a disposable blade, which creates a hair-to-hair effect. The result is completely shaded. In contrast, the tattoo is done with a demographer, which penetrates much deeper into the skin, so the result is more “sophisticated”


Microblading: how long does it last?

The first session, which lasts approximately one hour, should be followed by a touch-up session 1 month later. Why? Simply because the healing process will reduce 30 to 40% of the pigments. The retouching session will then fix the pigments. “From there, microblading can last between 6 months to 1 year. It depends on the skin, the maintenance, but also the depth of the microblading in the skin and the pigment used. Organic pigments are preferred because they age very well. They don't change color. " she concludes.