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Microblading And Microshading : What Is The Difference

Microblading And Microshading: What Is The                             Difference   

Microblading And Microshading

You have most certainly heard of "microblogging" and "micro shading" if you are interested in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Often used indiscriminately, these two terms nevertheless refer to techniques and visual renderings that are clearly distinct! Focus on their differences to help you choose the service that best suits your profile and your expectations.


Microblading and microshading are semi-permanent makeup services aimed at permanently correcting and harmonizing your eyebrow line. For both of them, the technique involves inserting, using a needle, a colored pigment under the surface layers of the skin. In both cases, touch-ups will be necessary once or twice a year.

More precisely, the difference between microblading and micro shading is in the way the pigment is inserted which will of course have an impact on the end result. Don't worry, during your free consultation, our technicians will be there to recommend one of the two techniques or even a mixture of the two depending on your body type and the result you are looking for. The shape of your eyebrow will also be discussed and validated at this time. Whatever service you choose, always ensure that it is carried out in a specialized institute, by qualified and trained personnel! 


The purpose of microblading is to reproduce a hair effect. The pigments are therefore inserted in the form of fine lines to mimic the appearance of real hair. It's a very natural way to fill in scattered eyebrows but doesn't add intensity to the line layout.

Microblading And Microshading


Hair effect: hairs are drawn one by one.

Discreet, no intensity.


The purpose of micro shading is to produce a shading effect similar to that of the eyebrow pencil. Pigments are inserted as tiny dots with melted contours. It is a technique that allows you to redraw the line, fill in gaps while bringing intensity to the eyebrow.

Microblading and microshading


Powdery, as if you had applied eyebrow pencil.

More or less intense depending on the desired result.


Microblading and microshading

For a natural result and according to the needs of your eyebrows, it is possible to combine the two techniques. This is what we call the "mixed brow". This service generally consists of carrying out a microblading at the level of the head of the eyebrow and a micro shading on the rest of the line.