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Hammam, sauna, spa : which cocooning destinations to offer?

 Hammam, sauna, spa: which cocooning destinations to offer?

Hammam, sauna, spa

Want to relax and take care of yourself? Sauna, hammam, and spa are excellent destinations for a moment of escape in a relaxing atmosphere. We tell you everything about these places which combine inner peace and well-being for a real "cocooning" break.

Sauna, hammam, and spa immerse us in a warm and relaxing bubble of well-being. They also have in common the therapeutic virtues of water. Before going to one of these havens of peace, we identify their differences and their benefits to know which one suits us best.

The hammam: a soothing steam bath

The hammam (or Turkish bath) is a ritual inspired by the Roman baths, dedicated to relaxation. It diffuses a hot and humid vapor, excellent against stress, sleep disorders, and tension. The hammam also helps eliminate toxins, breathe better and relax the muscles.

Hammam , Sauna , spa

How does a session in the hammam take place?

The hammam session takes place in a tiled room in which the temperature rises to 50 ° C. We start by taking a small shower before passing through a succession of rooms decorated with marble and earthenware tiles. The humidity in the air reaches 100%, so it is recommended to refresh yourself from time to time with a shower to tone the body.

You can also take advantage of traditional treatments to pamper your skin: scrubs, masks, and exfoliating treatments based on natural products are perfect to complete a hammam session. A session should last 45 minutes on average.

The sauna: beneficial heat

The sauna is a steam bath from Finland. It boosts blood circulation, tones the skin, and clears the respiratory tract.

Contrary to what you might think, the sauna does not dry out the skin and may even be beneficial for people with psoriasis.

Hammam, sauna, spa

How does a sauna session go?

A session takes place in a sort of wooden box in which sits a stove which diffuses a dry heat of up to 80 ° C.

Ideally, you should be naked and not surrounded by a towel when doing a sauna session, as the latter prevents optimal evaporation of perspiration. It is, therefore, preferable to place the towel under your body (for obvious hygiene reasons, but also to avoid burning yourself on the wooden planks).

Once lying down or sitting in the sauna, you relax by breathing through your mouth and you do not stay more than 10 minutes on the first pass (15 minutes for the following ones).

On the way out, we drink about 1 liter of water before taking a cool shower to tighten the pores of the skin and the blood vessels that have dilated in the heat of the sauna. We take the time to rest, to dry off, then we return to the sauna to reproduce the same ritual (three passages maximum, the session must not exceed one hour in total).

Warning: it is better to avoid the sauna and the hammam in case of heart problems, circulation problems, diabetes, hypertension, or hypotension. They are also not recommended for pregnant women.

The spa: a whirlpool to laze around

A spa is a place of relaxation and relaxation, which helps to fight against stress and fatigue. The word "spa" literally means "health through water". It is a hot, bubbling water bath whose temperature is quite close to that of the body. Spa and jacuzzi are in fact the same thing. In addition to the heat of the water, the hydromassage jets contribute a lot to the feeling of well-being.

Hammam, sauna, spa

Immersed in the bubbles of the spa, your body is afloat. The pressure on the joints is reduced and the muscles are relieved. It is also a great way to recover after exertion.

This term also refers to beauty institutes and fitness centers. Placed under the sign of well-being and aesthetics, these places generally offer hammam and sauna as well as a variety of treatments and massages, for our greatest happiness! The spa can be installed both indoors and outdoors. And depending on its size, you can enjoy it alone or with others.