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Hair removal | The different hair removal techniques

        The different hair removal techniques

Hair removal

The razor

The principle: The razor blade cuts the hair close to the skin.

Hair removal 

Advantage: It is undoubtedly the most express technique. Three minutes, watch in hand, is enough to wax both legs.

Disadvantage: The hair grows back very quickly and rather thickly. The operation must be repeated very often

Depilatory cream

The principle: Apply the product to the area to be depilated, leave for the indicated time, remove the product using the spatula provided in the packaging. Some formulas can even be washed off with a small sponge in the shower.

Hair removal

Advantage: It’s fast and efficient. Count only ten minutes to complete the waxing session

Cons: The sometimes chemical smell of this type of treatment is not always very pleasant. In addition, the hair grows back quite quickly, within 2-3 days after epilation. Sensitive skin can have skin reactions to this type of cosmetic.


The principle: We apply strips of hot wax, warm (rather for the body) or cold

(ideal for the face) on the part to be waxed. When the wax solidifies, we pull out with a sharp blow to pull out the hair. There is also the oriental method, with a wax formulated with sugar (like caramel) and which is used in small balls that are rolled by hand on the area to be depilated.

Hair removal

Advantage: The skin is soft and the hair being pulled out at the root, the process ensures three good weeks of tranquility.

Disadvantages: You have to have a little time in front of you, but above all to acquire the knack not to obtain uneven results, or to entrust the maneuver to a professional in the institute. The technique can also be a little painful: so be careful of those that are particularly cozy. If you are experimenting with this technique at home, be careful not to burn yourself as well, especially if you are using hot wax.

The electric epilator

The principle: The device acts like a multitude of tweezers that uproot the hair.

Hair removal

Benefit: As with wax, regrowth only occurs two to three weeks later.

Disadvantage: It's a bit long. The latest epilators developed are real little gems of technology, but the method is sometimes quite painful, especially on slightly sensitive areas.

Electric hair removal

The principle: This method consists of sending, through a fine needle, an electric current to the base of the hair, in the area of ​​the bulb, to destroy it.

hair removal

Advantages: Once destroyed at its "source", the hair does not grow back, in principle, at all.

Cons: It’s quite tedious. Several sessions are sometimes necessary, especially if you have a lot of hair. This method should therefore be reserved for limited areas. It can also be painful.

Laser hair removal

The principle: A laser beam targets the melanin to reach the hair at its base at the bulb, where it begins to grow, and destroy it.

hair removal

Advantage: The hair is permanently removed.

Cons: It is essential to do several sessions a few months apart because the technique only acts on the hairs in the growth phase. This method cannot be used on all skin types because there is a risk of burns and depigmentation, the laser not knowing the difference between the melanin of the skin and that of the hair.