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15 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know!

Almost all women are familiar with this situation: Their wardrobes are overflowing with clothes and yet they never have anything to wear. We always laugh at this kind of situation but it is very real! A bad choice in store, not knowing how to match colors, mismanagement of the budget at sales time, thoughtless shopping ... All these things lead to the accumulation of clothes and accessories that are never worn. And if you decide to calculate this wasted money for the wrong reasons, the bill will be steep.

At Bright Side, we consulted different specialists to establish 15 basic rules about fashion. This way, any woman can make an optimal and original wardrobe, avoiding filling it with unnecessary items, while saving money. The dream, right?

1 Visualize a complete look


If you want to fix your closet problems once and for all, you need to stop choosing individual clothes and start visualizing complete outfits, including accessories. Before you buy something, ask yourself what you're going to wear it with. If in your head you have three or four possible variations of looks, then it's worth it, so you can buy it.

2. Choose the appropriate stores

The stores where you buy your clothes should be suitable for your age and physical characteristics. If at 20, you can afford simpler and more economical dresses according to your means, after 35, you should favor more expensive and quality fabrics, with an, adapted cut To-have a glassy appearance and not that of a mature woman Who still wants to dress like a 17-year-old teenager.


This also applies to young women who choose brands aimed at older women. It is important to analyze the different stores in major shopping centers and choose 6 or 7 stores that suit you. While browsing the shops, find out who the brand is for (social class, age) and what clothes are most popular (in some its pants, in others it's more dresses and knitted items). This is a great way to optimize time and effort while shopping. You will stop wasting your time on brands that are not worth it.

3.Calculate the true value of things

Each item of clothing in your wardrobe must be 100% depreciated. To find out the true price of an expensive pair of shoes or a dress, it's very simple: divide the price of the item by the number of times you're going to put it on. This will allow you to avoid impulse buying and get used to simply buying what you are going to wear. This tip makes it easier to decide on an expensive purchase.


For example, a jacket is usually worn for 3-5 years, so don't save money on it, it's better to pay the price. Just imagine how many times you will put it on during this time. Divide the price by the duration and you will see that its real value will be justified.

4.Prepare the base and add the trends


Basic items are the mainstay of any wardrobe. They are simple, never go out of style and combine perfectly with everything. This base must represent 70% of your wardrobe, the remaining 30% must be the trends of the moment. By adding modernity, you will have a current and stylish dressing room. It will be more than enough to buy 2 or 3 trendy clothes each season, for your base to get new colors: this way, you no longer need to spend astronomical sums during your shopping sessions.

5.Determine 3-4 tops for each skirt and pants


The main rule in your wardrobe is different options that fit a skirt or pants. The upper part is the one that feels like a new outfit. If you wear the same blouse, changing your skirt and pants, it will give the impression that you are always dressed the same way. But if you match your pants with other options, you'll get a new outfit, you'll really be dressed differently, and you won't have to buy a new bottom to go with your new shirt.

6.Mix different styles, add a sportswear touch

The most interesting looks are made up of contrasting colors, textures, and style, undeniably. For example, by adding some ethnic or grunge elements to the outfit. Currently, the most classy clothes are mixed with the sporty side.


A sportswear style is not confined to just a sweatshirt and sneakers. It is divided into many categories such as safari-style, sailor, military, sports (related to the sport itself), among others. The simpler the fabric and the more visible details (seams, buttons, top pockets, etc.) the more the garment is associated with the sportswear style. These elements add dynamism and energy, making the figure more stylish and elegant and it is a great way to look younger after the age of 40.

7.Combine evening clothes with everyday clothes


One of the current trends is to combine evening items with everyday clothes. You don't have to be afraid to mix hanging earrings and "princess shoes" with found jeans and a shirt. Or rather a sequined (or feather) skirt with a t-shirt and canvas shoes, completing the look with glasses and leather bracelets. Otherwise, a cocktail outfit with suspenders and long up to the knees, with flowing striped pants and creepers.

8.Prioritize colors that go perfectly with your skin tone

Nothing can hurt a look more than a color that doesn't match the face. This gives a slick appearance, bringing out skin blemishes, age changes, and other blemishes. For this, it is necessary to know the color palette that suits you best and that you should use, to have them in your closet.


If the choice of the color of the bag or the shoes is not really taken into account, the clothes and accessories must be chosen carefully. And the older we get, the more attention will have to be paid to this kind of detail. Forget the tones with a touch of gray, favoring pure and clear notes or the bright colors of your palette.

9.How to choose the right length of dress or skirt.


Take a picture of yourself on the ground floor, in your underwear, put a sheet of paper on top of it and gradually raise it above your figure. Analyze what you want, how much you like to see your legs, what length is most suitable not to cut them, and what looks best on you. You can also place a piece of cloth on your body, in front of the mirror, but in a photo, you will see it more easily. Make no mistake, you can take two different photos: one with heels and the other with flats.

10.Create unusual colors and combinations

Color is the first thing we perceive when seeing a person, followed by their figure, the cut of their clothes, and their style. By using unusual color combinations, you can change your appearance in a simple and drastic way without spending a lot of money, especially if you are often dressed in shades of gray and black.


Look at street style photos, catalogs, and fashion magazines watch the beautiful colors of nature and the tones That Accompany it. This will allow you to have ideas and apply them in your closet. To harmoniously combine colors, you can read this article. The rule of thumb is to use no more than three colors in a look, not counting neutral tones, such as gray, white, and shades of beige.

11.Distract attention


To hide a particular imperfection in your body or areas that are not very attractive, sometimes you just have to emphasize another point, more flattering. For example, a colorful print on the pants or skirt will draw attention to thin hips, looking away from wide shoulders and an undefined waist. A necklace or earrings will be an added bonus on a beautiful face, so as not to focus on the rounded hips.

12.Total look: a current variant


The total look is a set of clothes put together, which consists of only one color. It is advisable to use different textures, even if they are of the same tone. To sum up, a solid vertical line can be sublimated by a completely different tone, but only a little touch. It could be a bag or shoes, big earrings, a necklace or a belt.

13.Wears jackets


The main advantage of a jacket is that it creates a structure at the shoulders, which always gives a very elegant look. She is able to complete a look with jeans and a t-shirt, bringing a more chic touch. It's particularly pretty with the sleeves rolled up, revealing bracelets.



Accessories complete the look, making it classier and more interesting. Their function can be fulfilled with ornaments, bags, shoes, but also prints, textures, pretty buttons, etc. Oftentimes, they are the ones who create the look. By choosing a simple, solid dress, gorgeous shoes, jewelry, and a beautiful bag, you can create a spectacular and stylish outfit.

15.An easy way to transform a work outfit into an outfit to go out

Sometimes when you get out of work you have to go to an event but you don't have time to go home to change. It's easy to transform a work outfit into an evening look with flashy jewelry, a more festive handbag, and swap everyday footwear for sandals or heels. It works just as well with a fitted dress as it does with a pencil skirt, or even pants and a shirt, a top, and a jacket.