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Colombian facelift | What is the Colombian facelift

            What is the Colombian facelift?

Colombian facelift

A Colombian facelift is a new form of a facelift for the buttocks, breasts, face, stomach, thighs. Its difference from other facelifts is that it is completely painless and does not require surgery or injection. Everything is done using a machine specialized for Colombian Lifting, using a suction cup, which stimulates the blood supply to the skin to give it a natural and firm appearance.

The benefits of the Colombian facelift

Boobs: Relieves and lifts the breasts, corrects the nipple and the breast, recovers the elasticity of the breast ... 

Face, chin, and neck: of the face, blackheads of the nose, acne, eye area, dark circles, double chin ...

Shoulder, arm, waist, thigh, Leg: Metabolism under negative pressure, elimination of measles, excretion of toxin, skin tightening, improvement of skin elasticity, lymphatic drainage.

Buttocks: A firming effect, enhances and curves, stimulates the muscles ...

colombian facelift


skin problem: Pregnancy

Heart disease:  Mechanical implants, pacemaker

Autoimmune disease: Bell's palsy

Vascular disorders: Coagulation problem

The side effects

Red marks due to the diameter of the suction cups disappear in a few hours.

More sensitive or not sensitive skin.

The treated area may show erythema (redness) during treatment.

Erythema or hematomas, without any factor of gravity. These are the toxins that

appear on the surface of the skin


For visible and lasting results, it is recommended to do 10 sessions spaced 1 to 5 days maximum and then 1 session every month to maintain your Colombian facelift.

Our advice 

After each session :

- Massage every day with a firming cream or oil, anti-cellulite.

- Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins

- Do physical exercises

-Avoid prolonged sitting

- Maintain a balanced diet