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Colombian facelift the magic trick for your skin

 Colombian facelift the magic trick for your skin

Colombian facelift

Tired of cellulite and sagging skin? The Colombian facelift or vacuum therapy can be a solution to make your skin look better. It is a technique that creates suction in the skin using huge suction cups. This will serve to suck the skin and thus eliminate fat, especially in the buttocks. 

The benefits of the Colombian facelift

The main benefit of the Colombian facelift is that it enhances, firms, and shapes the treated area.

When the skin is firmer, the orange peel effect wears off as fat deposits are eliminated.

The Colombian facelift is a natural method, which does not present any health risk. It is a non-invasive procedure. Indeed, this method does not require an injection or surgery.

The Colombian facelift can also be used on the face. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It offers very good lymphatic drainage.

As Tatiana explains on FollowLaFleche, the Colombian facelift helps restore skin elasticity and removes unsightly folds. It is an effective and safe solution to fight against the flaccidity of the skin.

Finally, this technique promises quite impressive results, and the effects last over the long term. 

In addition to reshaping your body, the Colombian facelift will leave your skin feeling soft, toned, and much more elastic. This will reduce the signs of aging.

Colombian facelift

The precautions to take before the Colombian facelift

Before performing a Colombian facelift, it is important to perform an exfoliating scrub. This will allow the oil used during the session to penetrate well into the skin.

What to do after the Colombian facelift

After the session, it is important to perform physical activities. Also, perform self-massage using a firming gel.

Avoid leaning on the treated areas during the first day. This could cause changes to the results.


The Colombian facelift is particularly not recommended for pregnant women. It is also to be avoided for people prone to diabetes or those who have a history of thrombosis. It is also a technique that is not suitable for people with cancer or who have implants. People with a skin infection, autoimmune disease, or vascular disorders also cannot have a Colombian facelift.

The opinions of professionals on the Colombian facelift

It is a revolutionary treatment that has proven its effectiveness, especially for aesthetic purposes. Whether it is to firm the skin or increase the volume of a part of the body, the Colombian facelift will satisfy you at best. It is one of the best alternatives to the classic facelift.

Colombian facelift

It’s worth a try, provided you talk to a real expert. Find out about a trusted institute that would offer this kind of service. Indeed, the Colombian facelift is a technique that requires specific equipment and the intervention of a real expert. This will guarantee you results that meet your expectations.