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What to use for Halloween makeup?

Are you not a makeup pro and Halloween is approaching? No worries, we invite you to check out our Halloween makeup! Your turn to be the pro this year. In this article, we'll explain all the essentials for easy Halloween makeup and we'll give you plenty of ideas.

What material to use for Halloween makeup?

Have you ever tried to follow a Halloween makeup tutorial but without much success? Plus you realize that it's already too late to start one over again. This year, say goodbye to panic and hello to all techniques! Scratches, scars, fake blood… we give you all the professional tips to achieve the most realistic makeup possible.

Halloween makeup equipment

Handkerchiefs: And yes… simple but effective! It will allow you to create a thickness of skin, to make deep scars or wounds.

Liquid latex: It allows you to make special effects, mixed with cotton or handkerchiefs you can then create several effects: aging, scars, or even bullet impact!

Face glue: To stick to your most beautiful mustaches or hide your eyebrows!

Makeup stencils: These will help you draw patterns.

Fake blood: It exists in several forms: liquid, sticky, or gel. But there are also chewable capsules to get blood out of the mouth.

White foundation: Indispensable for having a pale complexion, it exists in the form of a cream and has a greasy texture.

White powder: It will allow you to set your white foundation, and will bring a matte touch to avoid highlighting.

Eyebrow wax: To plaster your eyebrows, or hide them here is the essential product! You can also use it to make wounds.

Tooth enamel: To have rotten or black teeth! (do not use if you have false teeth, at the risk of staining them).

A beard sponge: Widely used to make scratches, it will bring a realistic effect.

Makeup brushes: You can discover all our Halloween makeup accessories.

special effects makeup

Halloween makeup equipment ready to use

Prosthetics: These are scars that are ready to be applied if you want to pretend you've had your throat slit!
Temporary tattoos: Easy and quick to apply, they look very nice.

Glitter for the body: To bring a touch of shine.

Body spray: These are makeup bombs that will dye your body (or your hair).

Lenses: To have an even more terrifying look, you can use fancy lenses.

Skin jewelry: If you want to shine brightly!

Children's make-up kits: They contain everything you need to make up and grimmer several children.

Halloween makeup to do with your daily makeup

Black pencil: You can use this to create shadows or draw on your face.

Lipstick: If it's blood-colored, you can use it to make a wound, for example.

All your black products: Mascara, black pencil, eye shadow.

Eyeliner: For making cobwebs.

Halloween makeup ideas and models

Now that you have all the necessary equipment, here is some children's makeup to do:

 Witch makeup:  This makeup for children is easy to do and will have a great effect! Thanks to this step-by-step tutorial, you can even explain to your child how to apply makeup themselves.

Skeleton makeup: To transform your child into a skeleton in a few minutes 

Dracula Makeup: If your child dreams of being a Monster High doll then suggest dressing up as a Dracula!

Halloween pumpkin makeupAnd poof! Your child is a pumpkin, and that doesn't have to scare you anyway ...

special effects makeup

How to fix Halloween makeup?

Difficult to make it last all day or evening ... So here are some tips to keep your creation as long as possible!

Step 1Prepare your skin by removing makeup and washing your face

Step 2: Apply a primer to your skin so that it can last longer (pay attention to your skin type to avoid highlighting)

Step 3Apply your makeup

Step 4: Use a makeup fixer, there are several with different finishes (mattifying, shiny)

special effects makeup

 How to remove Halloween makeup?

To remove your Halloween makeup, it is important to use a specific makeup remover. We recommend makeup removing oils and waterproof makeup removers, especially if your makeup is too. For little bits, we recommend that you use cleansing milk, which will be much less aggressive on the skin. You can even make your makeup remover yourself with our make-up remover recipe in our homemade cosmetics section.


special effects makeup

And there you have it, you now have all the tips to do great makeup this year. Terrifying, dripping, or touching (for children) the choice is yours!