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Mascara | Semi permanent mascara

 Semi-permanent mascara

semi permanent mascara

Semi-permanent mascara how does it work?

The semi-permanent mascara fills our dreams of doe eyes and glowing eyes 24 hours a day. Thanks to this new technique, you no longer need to make up your eyelashes in the morning, or even remove them in the evening. It's up to us without make-up retouching!

Semi-permanent mascara: The principle

Three weeks of black, thick, and curled eyelashes leave you dreamy and yet that's what semi-permanent mascara promises us.

This eyelash tint has the advantage of being applied only on the eyelashes and not on the eyelid. As it does not come into contact with the skin, any risk of reaction is avoided even if the product has been validated for its safety.

Semi-permanent mascara

How it works?

To display a glam look 24/7 without having to do anything, you first have to take a little trip to the institute. There, the beautician sits us in a reclining chair (like at the dentist) and starts brushing our eyelashes. She applies a paste to the eyelashes one by one that will dry instantly. The eyelashes are curled one after the other. "We put the dough on top of the sky, will separate us one by one," says Alisson. Be careful, this is not mascara but a very special product. If ever we didn't like it. the result, we will use small pliers to remove the paste ". After 20 minutes of application, here we are adorned with a new, more intense look, as our mascara knows so well.

How long does semi-permanent mascara last?

If the product is permanent, the technique is not for the simple reason that it follows the life cycle of the eyelashes. "Like hair, eyelashes are born, live, and die. And when they die, they fall out, taking the mascara with them," says Alisson. This is why it will be necessary to return to do a session every 3 to 4 weeks.

The limits of semi-permanent mascara

If the classic mascara promises us XXL volume, to curl or lengthen to infinity, the possibilities are a little more limited with semi-permanent mascara. "This is not a miracle cure" warns Alisson. It is the quality of our eyelashes that will determine the intensity of the result. "If the lashes are short, they stay that way. We will thicken them, give them volume, curl them a bit, but we cannot cheat on the length," continues the professional.

In addition, for those who have straight eyelashes, mascara will not be enough to curl them. It will then be necessary to raise the eyelashes just before applying mascara for a curved curve.

No swimming or showering immediately after application. We should avoid getting them wet the same evening.

Note, semi-permanent mascara fears two-phase make-up removers as well as cleansing oils. To be avoided if you want to preserve your hypnotic gaze as long as possible. Finally, semi-permanent mascara also does not like humidity in general. Places like saunas or steam rooms are not going to do our pin-up look good.


Mascara is not contraindicated. First of all, “the paste applied to the Boudoir du Regard is formaldehyde-free. And then, we do not touch the eyelid and finally, as the paste dries instantly, it does not slip into the eye when it is applied. 'application".

Semi-permanent mascara is therefore a little treat to treat yourself for an important event, for the holidays just to forget your make-up. It will redraw us a more intense, more voluminous look that will not go unnoticed in the summer that will never leave us from evening to morning!

Note: semi-permanent mascara will appeal to mascara addicts. On the other hand, those who are used to fairly light eye makeup should avoid embarking on this method which charges the eyelashes with an intense black.