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Eyelashes | Semi-permanent eyelashes

 Semi-permanent eyelashes 

semi permanent eyelashes

Eyelash enhancement, the technique for perfect curvature For those of us who are looking for an effective technique to open and beautify the eyes without mascara or extensions, lash lift seems to be the best option. 

Exit the traditional eyelash curler, there is now a more effective and lasting technique to beautify the eyes: lash raising.

Accentuate the curvature of the eyelashes

Unlike the eyelash curler, which curls them from the middle, this method raises the lashes at the root to accentuate their curve, length and give an impression of volume. Likewise, eyelash enhancement offers a much more natural look since it does not require the addition of synthetic eyelashes as is the case for the installation of extensions.

Note that the result may vary depending on the length and base volume of the eyelashes, but this practice is very useful for short and "raplapla" eyelashes. Another advantage: it eliminates the need for mascara.

semi permanent eyelashes

How does an eyelash lift session work?

A salon session lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the length of the eyelashes.

Perfect eyebrows thanks to makeup

The beautician begins by placing a silicone patch, adapted to the shape of the eyes, on the mobile eyelid, flush with the fringe of the eyelashes. After applying glue, she places the eyelashes one by one on the patch using tweezers. She then applies the first product to soften them, then a second to fix the curvature. Once the patch is removed, a warming sensation may be felt, but do not worry, it will wear off quickly.

The added bonus: it is possible to combine eyelash enhancement with a dye in order to obtain a much more intense and lasting result.

semi permanent eyelashes

Variable outfit

After the session, it is forbidden to put water, make-up, or make-up remover on the eyes for 24 hours, while the eyelashes set. No maintenance is required other than applying moisturizing mascara to strengthen the lashes.

The hold is variable and can last from 2 to 3 months depending on the eyelashes. Be careful not to abuse this technique, which requires the use of chemicals. A short "break" between two meetings is strongly recommended.