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Micro-needling and BB glow : the new aesthetic trends

           Microneedling and BB glow: the new                                     aesthetic trends

Microneedling and BB glow

The aesthetic market is constantly changing and new trends are popping up almost every day. By the way, if you are told BB glow or micro-needling, that probably means something to you. We have investigated for you these new techniques that promise to give you a true porcelain complexion.

What is micro-needling?

Microneedling and BB glow

Aesthetic medicine treatment, this minimally invasive treatment is a technique using a pulse electric pen fitted with several micro-needles which will make micro-perforations in the different layers of the dermis, thus causing a regenerating action. The micro-channels created to allow the serums to penetrate better into the dermis. In order to better understand, the micro-perforations will trigger a reaction from the fibroblasts which will produce elastin and collagen fibers. Like all injuries, these perforations activate the healing process, thus leading to cell renewal. As the result, the skin will be regenerated and identified.

For what type of skin?

  • Pores
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dull complexion

Where to practice it?

Microneedling and BB glow

In an institute:

either in an aesthetic medicine center or at the beautician, who, unlike micro-needling at the doctor, has a device that penetrates into the epidermis but not into the dermis, which does not trigger a healing process.

At home:

there are now inline skates designed to perform micro needling yourself. As a preamble, you must take care to remove make-up and cleanse your skin, then sterilize your device. If necessary, you can use an anesthetic cream.

Is it dangerous?

Generally, the practice of micro-needling is not risky as long as the practitioner performs his work in good conditions with single-use equipment. Following the treatment, redness appears within 24 to 48 hours. A healing cream is thus recommended for several days after the session.

Be careful, there are still several contraindications. Indeed, this treatment should not be carried out on irritated skin or in the event of pregnancy. People severely affected by acne or suffering from herpes will also not be able to perform this treatment. As for taking anticoagulants, it is not compatible with micro-needling.

Does it hurt?

It is difficult to answer this question since the feelings will depend on the sensitivity of each one. Nevertheless, the testimonies agree that it is quite painful ... The cozy ones should behave!

What about the bb glow?

bb glow Microneedling
Like the micro-needling, the BB glow is used with a roller or a pen equipped with finer nano-needles that penetrate a serum, this time tinted. Compatible with any skin profile, this new aesthetic treatment helps hide imperfections, unify the complexion and hydrate the skin. It promises to give you a healthy glow without makeup for six months to a year.

However, if you want satisfactory results it will require 3 or even 4 sessions.

Nevertheless, distrust !!! This technique is recent, so there is not yet the necessary hindsight to analyze the long-term effects that this procedure can have.