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 Hair protein

Hair protein


As we often say, you have to pay attention to your hair and “listen” to it. Often put in the background, protein treatments are in fact very effective. Discover the 3 signs that prove it is time for a protein treatment.

But first, what is a protein treatment?

The goal of the protein treatment is to strengthen fragile and damaged hair and make it more elastic. It replenishes the hair follicles, which makes them stronger. Proteins, therefore, help fight against hair breakage. Relaxed and colored hair, therefore, requires regular protein care.

hair protein

First sign: your hair is fragile and brittle

This is a major sign that you probably need to use a protein conditioner. Lack of protein causes badly frayed ends and proves your hair is in need of protein processing. By adding protein to your diet, you will revive your curls. A protein balance is essential for maintaining healthy hair and reducing the risk of damage.

hair protein

Second sign: you are using heat

Before using heat on your hair, make sure that your hair is strong enough to withstand the thermal tools you use to straighten or dry your hair. If you use a good protein conditioner before or after using heat, you will notice that your hair will be in better shape.

hair protein

Third sign: Temperature change

When the weather is dry and cold, make sure to always maintain a good balance of moisture and protein during the winter months to keep your hair growing well.

Be aware that too much protein can also make hair coarse and brittle. This is why moisturizers are preferred. While it is recommended to do a deeply hydrating treatment once a week, protein treatments can only be done once a month or even every 6 weeks. 

hair protein