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 Hair botox 

Hair botox

Hair botox is a good way to repair damaged hair. You have done colorings repeatedly, you can not do without straightening, or you have spent a lot of time in the sun ... your hair is bound to be dull and dry. Botox is therefore ideal for giving your hair a second life. We interviewed Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and founder of the R'factory salon, to find out more about this treatment which has the power to rebuild the hair fiber.

First: what is hair botox?

 Well, it is quite simply a very nourishing mask/treatment that allows the hair fiber to restructure - and consequently, to restore shine, shine and softness to even the dullest and damaged hair (by colors with repetition, daily smoothing, or UV rays ...). If the name sounds like botox for the face, we reassure you: there is no question of injections or syringes. The only common point between these two beauty methods remains their immediate "anti-aging" effect.

Keratin + hyaluronic acid = winning over-hydrating duo

Hair botox is a mask/treatment made up of keratin and hyaluronic acid, two care ingredients known in the beauty world, especially for saving dry and damaged hair. Keratin makes up over 90% of the fiber in our hair - the rest of its composition is pigments, natural fats, and water. Having the role of hair protection, keratin offers shine, elasticity, shine, and strength to your hair. However, it does not renew. Hence the importance of promoting products enriched with keratin.

Finally, hyaluronic acid is a very nourishing element that revives dehydrated hair. Dehydration of the hair can be the consequence of several factors: coloring, discoloration, smoothing and brushing at high temperature, UV rays from the sun, pollution ...

In short, hair botox is like a makeover for our brittle, dry, and weakened lengths. "This beauty treatment will really treat them in-depth, remove the sparkling side, bring shine, then coat the hair.

hair botox

Hair botox: for whom and for what?

Hair botox is for all hair types. "This treatment, applied as a mask is recommended to give a real boost to the hair too tired and aware, "says Gianni Coppa. Understand that it is perfect for people using brushing, hair straightening, or coloring. These are all factors that weaken the hair and cause the split ends to appear more or less. Most of the time, we decide to start from scratch, especially by cutting its damaged lengths to eliminate the damage. An infernal cycle! This is why hairdressing professionals often recommend botox to treat the hair fiber and deeply nourish dehydrated split ends.

No, Botox is not a hair straightener!

Often confused with Brazilian straightening, botox is not a type of hair straightening but a repairing and booster treatment. The amalgam simply comes from the fact that the hair botox technique comes straight from Brazil 

hair botox

How to perform hair botox?

The delivery of hair botox is only done in the salon, to a professional. You can do it up to once a month, or when the hair needs a little boost.“This treatment is also ideal to do once or twice a year, especially at the start of the school year, after your summer vacation. The sun attacks the hair fiber and dehydrates it. The botox then repairs the damage caused by UV rays" as Gianni Coppa points out. This treatment is fairly quick to do. "It takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour, maximum." Regarding the holding of the treatment on the hair, it takes 6 to 8 weeks.“We then have fewer effects, they fade, but we still partly retain the benefits of botox. "

Detailed mask application

Before applying hair botox, Gianni Coppa does two care shampoos. These are products that cleanse and prepare the hair for treatment by opening the scale. Once the hair is cleansed, the hairdresser can start to apply the botox treatment with a brush to damp hair, then knead the lengths and ends for a good impregnation of the product. The product is applied to the entire hair, strand by strand, going up well, without touching the roots and the scalp. The hair is then rolled upon itself, then will heat under a heated helmet for a few minutes (from 15 to 35 minutes depending on the ambient temperature - the hotter it is, the less we will stay under the heating device). The heat opens the hair scale to allow the active ingredients of keratin and hyaluronic acid to penetrate.

Once the mask has finished heating, the hairdresser dries the hair directly, without rinsing the mask. The botox must remain on the hair for at least 24 hours to be fully absorbed. Yes, you have to wait until the next day to rinse the product off and wash your head. On the other hand, we reassure you: visually, our hair does not appear greasy.

24 hours later, finally comes the time to rinse the treatment and discover the post-shampoo result (guaranteed wow effect). But first, be careful! It is recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo for best results. This avoids too open the scales of the hair which contains the treatment and is full of hydration.

How to maintain your hair botox?

If you have dry hair and/or split ends, in addition to hair botox, we recommend that you regularly use hair products (shampoo, treatment, or mask) that contain hyaluronic acid or keratin. Nothing better to make the effect of botox on your hair last time out.