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BB Glow | The new BB Glow technique

 BB Glow | The new BB Glow technique

BB Glow


The new "BB Glow" technique for a perfect complexion without makeup

Do you dream of smooth skin, a refined skin texture, and an even complexion? This is the promise of this new beauty technique of the moment, very trendy, straight from Asia. It is called “BB Glow” or more exactly “semi-permanent BB cream” and actually consists of carrying out a treatment of the skin of the face by means of the technique of micro-needling in order to make your complexion perfectly unified and radiant, skin zero defect. guaranteed!

So what is the "BB Glow" technique? What does it really consist of? What are the expected results? And are there any risks or contraindications to the practice of this new technique?

What is the "BB Glow" beauty technique?

The "BB Glow" is a technique which consists in carrying out care or treatment to the skin of our face having for the main objective to hydrate our skin, to mask the cutaneous imperfections, to unify our complexion, to give it instantaneously. radiance and thus keep skin glowing and radiant all year round.

You no longer need to use a foundation daily for a healthy glow, the revolutionary beauty technique of "BB Glow" takes care of doing it for you.

The technique of "BB Glow" is considered as a real rejuvenating facial treatment in its own right, over the years and with the natural aging of the skin, hormonal changes, or even with the external aggressions that our skin undergoes, it changes, evolves and reacts in different ways.

Thus the first wrinkles, spots due to the sun or bags under the eyes appear, not to mention the signs and traces of fatigue that easily mark the skin of our face, acne pimples, scars, or dilated pores.

And excessive use of makeup or anti-wrinkle or anti-blemish creams of any kind is not that beneficial for our skin, and unfortunately, it is not effective enough to remedy all of these problems either.

But that was without counting on the brand new beauty technique of "BB Glow" straight from Korea which is developing and which is now increasingly successful throughout Europe.

BB Glow

What does the “BB Glow” technique consist of?

The "BB Glow" technique is first practiced in a beauty salon or in a specialized establishment with a qualified and experienced beauty professional.

The "BB Glow" treatment is a process that combines both the effects of a mesotherapy treatment with semi-permanent make-up, thus making it possible to provide our skin with good hydration, mask imperfections and refine our skin. skin texture and thus unify our complexion.

To do this, the professional will take a specialized device in the form of an electric pen called "Dermapen", equipped with a sterile single-use head containing a quantity of extremely fine nano-needles which then go come and perforate the epidermis of our skin to about a millimeter in-depth in order to insert a semi-permanent BB cream, which in this case are colored pigments, which of course come as close as possible to our natural skin color in order to tint it slightly.

A serum rich in active ingredients also accompanies the colored pigments. The main objective of micro-perforation of the skin is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which then activates the healing process and thus accelerates cell regeneration and renewal.

The "BB Glow" technique is completely painless, rather natural, and has become a real alternative to foundation, which has many advantages for a perfect complexion, guaranteed to be zero flaws:

·Intense hydration of our skin

·A refined skin texture, a smooth and even complexion, radiant and radiant

·Reduces and corrects the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, spots, acne scars, blackheads, large blood vessels, and pores

·Activates the production of collagen and elastin

·Improve the resistance and elasticity of the skin

BB Glow

What type of profile is the "BB Glow" technique for?

The "BB Glow" technique is intended for all women who find themselves with a dull complexion, who have wrinkled, wrinkled skin, with wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, spots, a pregnancy mask, traces and scars of acne or sagging skin due to the natural aging of the skin with age. 

skin color.

BB Glow

How does a session take place?

First, the professional will come to remove makeup and cleanse the skin in-depth in order to remove all the impurities from your face and thus work on a perfectly clean and disinfected surface.

Depending on the treatment chosen by the client, an anesthetic cream may, in particular, be offered and applied to the client's face in order to avoid an unpleasant and painful experience during the session.

Secondly, the practitioner will come and apply a protective serum adapted to the client's skin profile and then begin the process using his specialized device, in which he will perform several passages on the entire face in order to touch and cover all layers of the dermis.

Then, the practitioner will come and mix different shades of BB cream in order to find the color that most closely matches the client's skin tone and thus create a fully personalized, tailor-made, and unique foundation for her. 'he will then spread on his face using his specialized device in order to penetrate the colored pigments inside the epidermis of the skin.

To conclude the session, a moisturizing mask can be offered and applied to the client's face in order to relieve and hydrate the skin but also to soothe the sensations of heat, burning, or tingling that can cause the technique of " BB Glow ”.

If you intend to use the "BB Glow" technique, however, it is advisable to perform a full and deep peeling or cleansing of your skin a few days before the start of your first session in order to prepare the skin of your face and thus increase your chances of a better result.

The results of the "BB Glow" technique usually appear instantly after the first session only. However, it takes about three to four one-hour sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

Once the session is over, it is strongly recommended not to expose yourself to the sun, bathe, cleanse, exfoliate or peel the skin of your face, put on make-up, and have recourse to UV, sauna, or hammam sessions.

One of the biggest advantages to the practice of "BB Glow" is that you will save considerably in terms of purchases of beauty products and it is also a considerable time saving for women who do not necessarily have it. the time needed to prepare in the morning for hours.

So, looking good all year round without wearing makeup, are you interested?

BB Glow

Is the “BB Glow” technique really safe?

The beauty technique of "BB Glow" is classified in the category of aesthetic medicine, it is relatively recent and is just beginning to spread across Europe. Professionals in the sector and experts have no real perspective on the long-term effects of the practice of "BB Glow" and what it can cause in particular in people with sensitive skin, which tends to redden. and to inflame very quickly as well as people suffering from skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema.

Even on healthy skin and not subject to a certain sensitivity and fragility, the practice and technique of "BB Glow" by micro-needling in itself involves some risks and potential complications due to the micro-perforation of the epidermis of the skin. and colored pigment inks which can sometimes cause redness, inflammation, swelling, bruising, itching, allergic reaction, infection, scarring, or discoloration of the skin.

The cause and origin of all these skin reactions that can sometimes be caused by the practice of "BB Glow" remain currently unknown.

Therefore, people interested in the practice of "BB Glow" are invited to be careful, to get information from specialists, and especially not hesitate to consult a doctor, a dermatologist, or any other qualified health professional in order to answer. to your questions, to examine the condition of your skin, to define your skin profile precisely, and to inform you if your skin really requires treatment such as "BB Glow".

Contraindications to the practice of "BB Glow"

However, the practice of "BB Glow" has some contraindications. It is strongly discouraged for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, for people being treated with an anticoagulant, an anti-inflammatory, or being epileptic, for skin diseases such as sharp and severe acne, herpes, psoriasis, eczema, or warts, to people with a blood disease with bleeding disorders or infectious diseases, open wounds with skin tending to form keloid scars (raised skin growths) or people with cancer or a tumor.

The practice of "BB Glow" is also not recommended on people wearing semi-permanent makeup or tattoos.

The technique of "BB Glow" is a practice resulting from aesthetic medicine. Relatively recent and imported from Asia, it is ideal for people wishing to benefit from a radical treatment of the skin of their face in order to provide instant hydration, mask imperfections, to refine and smooth the grain of the skin. skin as well as restore and unify the complexion for radiant and glowing skin of beauty all year round!

Let yourself be guided now by the expertise and professionalism of "Cryo Institut" in Lyon, which will literally transform your face into a real baby's skin. Because in the end, isn't that what we all dream of?