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Before sacrificing your mane because you crave a change, take the time to read this article. We surely have the ideal solution to boost your hair without having to draw the scissors. The idea? Lighten your base with a balayage. Say goodbye to radical transformations, balayage is a burst of light that revives dull hair, softens features, and gives shine to gray faces.
If the stars love it (Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne, Eva Longoria ...), it's because balayage is a discreet coloring technique that blends in perfectly with the natural base. It's also a subtle way to create a play of lights for a volume effect or simply to enhance the hairstyle.


Balayage is a coloring technique that is practiced in the open air. The hairdresser applies his product as touch on fine strands and allows time for the hair to oxidize. After rinsing and care to nourish the fiber and close the scales.

 This method has the effect of lightening the natural base. “On a brown base, we will focus on a caramel or honey balayage while on a blonde base, we will opt for honey or gold”, explains Louisa Benhamou, Education manager for Wella. It's the famous sunburn (like when you come back from a beach vacation), or the Californian blonde that highlights the clear bases. "There are different blonde highlights, you can choose a very natural effect or a much more sophisticated one", specifies the expert, before adding: "The result depends on the natural base, for a baby blonde effect, the base must be ashy and cold, for example ”.



If the classic coloring transforms the color in a uniform way, the balayage offers a much more fade and natural result.

 Likewise, strands don't have the same effect as balayage. When knitting strands, they are wrapped in paper which gives a clearer and therefore more pronounced result.

 Am I going or not?

Balayage can be used for all types of hair. Blondes, brunettes, chestnuts, straight hair, curly, wavy, short or long… The only downside, if the hair is permed at more than 30%, sweeping is contraindicated. More generally, it is not recommended on ultra-sensitized, damaged, or brittle hair.



Balayage is a technique that sensitizes the hair. Suddenly, we stock up on shampoos and armored cares of restorative active ingredients. After several weeks, if the balayage turns, we do not rush to your hairdresser to redo one! We opt for pigmenting shampoos that will restore shine and nice uniform color to the hair. And if you really want to space out the sweeps to avoid damaging your hair too much, you go to your hairdresser to ask for temporary coloring (without harmful active ingredients such as alcohol or peroxide). "The temporary coloring neutralizes yellow highlights and adds shine without damaging the hair," reassures Louisa.


Balayage hair is definitely a staple hair color trend. So much so that this technique is available in salons. We recently saw on the red carpets a wave of tie and dye, a variation of the classic balayage which consists of leaving the roots natural and coming to lighten the lengths like a touch of the sun. This effect rocks the hairstyle and illuminates the complexion.